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Book Review #1 |Confessions of a Burning Soul by Joanna Bugeja

Hey there my lovelies,


Welcome back to my Blog! I have been dying to start this #newtopic on my Blog for a while now, but I found myself finds all kind of excuse as to why I do not have time! I fondly remember growing up I honestly had a love/hate relationship with books, but then one fine day, thanks also to my Dad’s persistence on explaining the beauty and luxury of knowledge you get from reading book, I was completely in love with reading books.  Since those days I have quite my little collection.

Anyways I was recently contacted by Joanna Bugeja, asking me if I would consider review her recent published book ‘Confessions of a Burning Soul’ and to be honest I did not think twice about since as I said I was looking at ways to introduce this topic and so here we are and here are my thoughts.

The fiction book Confessions of A Burning Soul is a collection of poems but it is also a contemporary fairy tale narrating the author’s adventures and also portraying her infatuation with true love.  I loved the good mixture in the book with a good balance of  love, tragedy and death that add that little bit of extra humanity to the fictional characters.

I have to say I read the book in a couple of hours, honestly I could not let it down!!! I was really drawn into the narration of the author enthusiasm of nights of passions, mourning of an unrequited love and an unconventional love triangles, that  have to say got me all flustered and giggling.



I felt that throughout the book there is a strong consistency of what I feel was the author’s is inspiration while drawing in a good mixture of her own life experiences.  I was compelled and I could really relate to the moments the author taps into self-doubt and heartfelt episodes of betrayal.

In all honest I really enjoyed this book and found this book very interesting, but most of all real.  I deeply enjoyed being swept into a world of intimate desires and everlasting hope for a future filled with love and passion for a better tomorrow despite life’s sorrows – don’t we all want that?

The book is available both as e-Book and as a Paperback.  I highly recommend getting it as you will truly enjoy it.  Said book can be purchased via the author’s publishers Olympia Publishers here.

Also said book (as e-Book, Paperback and also book preview can be found and bought via Amazon (link here and here).

Until next time,




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