Event Post #82 |On the Opera’s Ruin by Luke Azzopardi

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About 3 weeks, on Saturday 20th October, I was l lucky enough to be invited by a lovely friend and fellow blogger Stef of Style in Trant to attend Luke Azzopardi’s Reworking of Couture S/S 18/19 fashion show at the beautiful Aurora Opera House in Victoria, Gozo which is the follow-up collection to the ‘On the Museum’s Ruin’s launched earlier this year at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.

Might as well get it out of the way from the get go, I was completely and entirely blown away by the collection.  I was so beyond happy to have been invited as I had been dying to see one of Luke’s shows for like forever and I truly hope it won’t be the last.

I have been following Luke’s work for the past few years and the thing that keeps popping in my mind about him is that as a designer he is very daring and I really like that about him, needless to say this new collection was not short of that beautiful daringness.

This year’s collection story took us to the Opera, paying tribute to female heroines of the Opera.  Truth be told, I do go to the Opera at all so I will not go into that as I will surely won’t portray it’s due justice but I will speak about what I saw and what I felt witnessing Luke’s show.

The collection has a total of nine couture dresses, suits, capes and gowns that for me were one more beautiful than the other.  From previous years I have seen Luke unconventional design work however this collection was a bit tones down, to a more ready-to-wear pieces.  However, one cannot not state the obvious and that is, the designers perfect tailoring for each of the nine piece.  A collection of impeccable pieces with a colour palette that embraces perfectly the story each designer is portraying.  Impeccable pure perfection.

Las thing I wish to add is that Luke’s showcased a beautiful story wherein he managed perfectly to amalgamate art and fashion in a way that even a person like me that is by far no Opera go-er is able to understand.

It was a moment of pure pleasure witnessing this show, Luke is really a talented designer, with an eye for perfect symmetry.

The whole scenario for Luke’s would not have been make possible without hair that was left in the hands Hair&Co Studios; makeup by the amazing Gabrielle Zammit Grungo assisted by Roberta Sultana.  The backdrop for the catwalk was entrusted to Andrew Borg Wirth at Camilleri Paris Mode.  Whilst the floral helmets were done by  Alistair Floral Design.

Bravissimo Luke.

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Kris Micallef and have been used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2018  Kris Micallef

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