OOTD Post #25 | ‘is the season to wear Red

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Happy Wednesday! It’s that kind of week were I have content to spare so here’s a second post for this week 🙂  And keeping in theme since last Monday I posted about the Pink Fashion Week here’s what I wore for the event.  Outfit posts might be under rated these days due to the instant uploads on social media, however I love inspiring myself to write all my feelings on a post of the vibes I get off an outfit.  It might seem useless to many however for these events, I have a team of people who give me their time in order for me to look great.

I love our Fall-ish weather especially since it gets colder in the evening, well cold for Malta standards that is.  It is also that time of year were in my eyes it is acceptable to wear red 🙂  One of my all time fave combo to wear during this time of season is a mini or midi or an in between dress with boots – for this outfit I opted for a ankle boots but it’s usually up to the mood I am in before I go out that I choose the shoes.  I fell in love with this dress mainly because of the unusual sleeves but when I wore it I was obsessing over the fit and I couldn’t wait to wear so the Pink Fashion show event seemed the perfect time to do so.  Finished the look by pairing the dress with my brand new leopard-print ankle boots that of course I could not wait to wear neither and some layered necklaces. So here’s how the whole look turned out 🙂

Photo credit : Go Raw Photography

Completed my look with the help of my lovelies Ritienne Borg at Sleek Hair Salon in Fgura who styled my hair with these loose curls and Christa Sansone – The Make-up Artist that turned my face in this glam look.  Thanks for everything ladies – Love you.

Photo credit : Lara’s Beauty Bible

Dress : Zellas Image – Hamrun (available in black and blue)
Jacket : Tally Weijl (last season)
Cross Body bag : Florence Leather Market 
Layered necklaces – Various :

Pentagon shape : Perditi
Star Sign : Six Malta
Initial C : eBay

Boots : For Her – Fgura

Until next time,


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