Birthday Edition #3 | Let’s Lego

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

A few weeks ago it was my little one 6th Birthday and as per every year since Aiden started choosing his theme, I asked him which theme he wanted for his upcoming birthday!  So that’s how the Lego theme came about.

I had been worried for week that I did not spend enough time planning this theme as truth be told even though Aiden has a few Lego pieces it turned out to be hard task for me to find the appropriate props to make it a Lego approved theme!

However, with the help of a colleague of mine who is far more crafty than me she came up with his name written on 3D like block that fitted nicely on the fireplace and also goodie bag block size perfect for my family to take away a piece of cake after we cut it 🙂

Of course even though this is a family do, Aiden like to give out invitations to his grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousin.  I found this invite off the Lego website that were to his approval so yay 🙂

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Being it a small do we wanted to enjoy the time with our family so we ordered Party Menu A and added the mini burgers from Mannarinu Caterers that as always turned out a great choice as the food was simply delicious.  Definitely recommend.


On the other hand the cake choice was also up to Aiden and we entrusted Christine Gatt of Christine’s Cakes as we have been doing for the past few years and once again we were not disappointed.  Cake was mouth-watering and the perfect ending to the party.

I’m thinking that in the future I probably need to up my efforts when organising Aiden’s birthday parties.   I did not give the whole theme much thought even though I knew well in advanced for this I blame myself but I am glad that my little one had a great time.

Until next party,


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