BTS #5 | ‘All I want for Christmas’ Gaetano’s Winter Collection

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Welcome back to my Blog! It’s finally here after a lot of sneek peeks 🙂

I am so excited for today’s post as I had the pleasure to go BTS (behind the scenes) for local designer Gaetano’s winter collection entitled ‘All I want for Christmas’ photoshoot.

I am very happy to have witnessed this collection first hand and I can tell that that Gaetano’s take for this new collection is targeted towards being a more diverse and inclusive very collection.

My BTS photos

I did some research on the topic and according to some international reports, wherein they assessed a total 241 shows worldwide and it found that 27.9% of the models who walked the fall 2017 runways were in the minorities, the highest proportion recorded since tracking the data two and a half years ago. In fact, the same reports looked into assessing size, age and transgender identity as well.

As more calls for racial diversity started, there were calls also for different sizes. Age and transgender identity have not gotten as much visibility, but it was important to highlight those in order to make sure that the runways become more representative of the population buying the clothes.  Safe to say this season, there were 12 transgender models, and 21 women aged 40 or older.

My BTS photos

Malta as small as it may seem, and I say this with pride has already tapped in these figures when Karly May walked the runway during last May’s Malta Fashion Week. 

Now it’s time to tackle what is considered as ‘norm’ size models.  Hence why this collection was created by Gaetano.  A firm believer, that a good made dress and the right style can we worn by everyone not matter your age or your size.

My BTS photos

So here they are the faces for Gaetano’s new collection the beautiful ladies of 4th Line (Anthea, Miriana, Nicole and Milena), the gorgeous Vanessa, stunner mummy model Daniela, the fabulous Marilena and the handsome Sebastian.  Missing in action are Claudia and Franklin who sadly were unwell on the day of the photoshoot.

Also, being me, I caught with some of them and got a bit of a Q&As on this hot topic and this is what they had to say.

So guys for some of you this is the first fashion gig – do you guys think the challenges of people’s perception will be?

Vanessa : There will be people that will experience this for the first time; and it will challenge the perceptions of themselves as they try to become comfortable with their own self image and self esteem.

Claudia:  Since this is not my first fashion gig as you put it, I am looking forward to see the outcome because I am not particularly inclined to stuff related to Christmas. However, working with Gaetano is always a very enjoyable experience.

Sebastian : This is my first fashion gig and I am really looking forward for it! I believe a lot in the work that Gaetano had done, and I am sure that the public will love and appreciate the work that this guy had done so far!  Maybe the challenge that people might have is due to the fact of different taste in fashion as we all know not everyone likes the same kind of fashion ideas so maybe will find it a bit difficult to accept new styles.

Have you ever heard any conversation surrounding you that maybe made you feel uncomfortable?

Vanessa :Yes, multiple times but when I hear such conversations I choose to ignore it and not pay attention especially when they’re negative ones.

Claudia : Unfortunately yes, even though I try to avoid getting caught up in these sort of awkward moments.

Sebastian : So far, I think there is no particular conversation that made me feel uncomfortable.

Joanne : Yes unfortunately sometimes people talk without thinking, but I have a strong character so I do not let anyone let me down.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to discuss about this industry?

Vanessa : The wellbeing of those that work within the industry; eating disorders, drug abuse, and sexual harassment are topics of great importance that we must discuss, and solve. 

Claudia : Relatability – this is why I love Gaetano. He caters for all different shapes & sizes. Having said that, I wouldn’t know what else to mention since this sector is not my forte.

Sebastian : One thing which comes in mind and it is really important is to appreciate more the work and sacrifices that fashion designers go through to provide the best product possible and sometimes you might find individuals which due to that they do not have the same taste and ideas of the designers will not appreciate the idea of others.

Joanne: For me I can say that this industry helps me keep myself motivated about my looks and helps me grow to reach my dreams.

What is the best piece of advise you have ever received?

Vanessa : My father use to tell me “Dreams are for those who want to go further, if you don’t dream you won’t make it”, I believe that advic led me to where I am today in the first place.

Claudia : Never forget where you started , and where you’re going, for that matter.  However the latter can change with time, therefore I would focus on always keeping in my mind my humble origins. Which by the way – is still my current way of living.

Sebastian: The best advice so far was to never look back for what has been done before just keep on going on your mission and don’t let anyone let you down or tell you that you can’t do it. Be Strong and Positive!

Joanne: Well as I am not a young model … I always had good advice; like one of them is that I should never give up.

In your opinion in this industry both fashion and music is that something one should remember?

Vanessa :Fashion and music are two separate things which make you whole, they both express your inner self and with them you can help others understand your character, what’s important to remember is that people should look further when they see an artist wearing an outfit and singing or playing a song in particular, the whole package is the message.

Claudia : Perseverance, resilience, passion, dedication, courage and humbleness are some good stuff to keep in mind.

Sebastian : Well in my opinion music and fashion have something in common, both of them are capable to change the mood and taste of a person, a point to remember is that not everyone like the same music or the same fashion so you need to be open for new challenges to target the whole community.

Joanne : Yes because both of them are a piece of art.

On this note you think the industry is capable to fight this discrimination?

Vanessa : Yes, I believe that if there is more people in this industry joining hands on showing that no matter what you look like you’re still beautiful, I think somehow yes it will, but of course there’s a lot of work to it.

Claudia : What discrimination?

Sebastian : Well of course, I think if we work hard together and bring down ideas and as my motto is there is nothing impossible life so yes we can fight this discrimination.

Joanne : Yes cause sometimes they use thin and very long models and in my opinion models have to be in all sizes and heights.

What your life motto?

Vanessa : Life is what you make it, so you should always dream big.

Claudia : Life is a rollercoaster, you just got to ride it.  It’s a lyric from a song I don’t particularly like but that line makes so much sense.

Sebastian : Never stop dreaming and keep on working hard so you can achieve your desires cause even the most complicated and impossible dream can be possible if you work for it.

Joanne : I always use this motto … That you should never let anyone destroy your dreams and never give up.

So there you go my loves, hope you enjoy it as much as I did and you are as eager as me to see more of this new collection.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Post belong to Picture Perfect Photography Malta and have been used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2018 Picture Perfect 

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