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Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

It’s been a while but last Sunday I was invited to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of a very cool concept store in the heart of Sliema called Noos.  Now if like me you do not venture much to Sliema (I don’t blame you) but it is worth the occasional effort to make to Valletta. The 600 square metre multi-brand concept store is situated in Tower Road, Sliema just before Qui-Si-Sana and in front of the open car space there is in that road.  

I was so glad I made it to the event as I have been wanting to stop by the outlet for a while now and last Sunday I was at mum’s which made it that much easier for me to make to to the event.

I have a question for you guys (well those of you with kids mostly) how many times have you envisioned a shopping day with the family without the thought quickly leaving your mind when you remember the countless time your little one/s start complaining, your partner asking you to hurry as you are taking way to long!!!! Sounds familiar?

Well I just found the perfect solution and it is called NOOS.  A concept created by a mother and a wife with a passion for fashion and celebrity styles and a husband and father well acquainted with the frustrations of endless waiting time.

End result is an immeasurable entrepreneurial drive, turned into a 3 floor store hosting a multi-brand fashion store that not only satisfies trending fashion demands, but a brand that whatever age, gender or style, understands the needs of its customers.

I totally fell in love with the concept of the store, it offers an authentic shopping experience for the whole family and being able to accept the fact that this store will satisfy all tastes and the variety is endless – truly spoilt for choice.

Even more amazing than the great selection of clothes is the fact that your partners can sit and read the papers or watch a game at the lounge bar found on the men’s floor also more AWESOME for the young toddlers and kids – you can turn their shopping experience into an I Spy With My Little Eyes shopping assignment with mum or dad across the children’s clothing area and then proceed to safely play in the purposely designed kid’s area.

The store was ultimately designed for families and friends of different ages and wardrobe preferences, for the trendy or mature man, for the teenage girl or savvy mother, for the mindset woman or stylish fashionista.  Everyone can find something to suit their needs and tastes.

Ultimately NOOS is a hands-on brand created not only for fashion trending customers, but is also a brand that is unequivocally about its customers, a brand that offers stylish fashion at affordable prices.

I would like to thank Maria and the whole AMAZING team at NOOS for extending me an invitation to celebrate with them their 1st year of
well-deserved success and wish them many more years of  success.

Until next time,



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