Favourites #23 | End of year – Skincare products| December 2K18

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My monthly favourite posts aren’t a regular feature here, as I often feel that I use the same products for a good few months or I just don’t have anything specifically to share with you. However, for December I decide to do one as to share with you guys my monthly faves for each month with regards to my skincare items that I’ve really been loving!

January  – I started the first months of the year with this treasure and I cannot for the life of me to set this away.  The Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray is THE essential part of my everyday skincare routine.  I personally use this rosewater spray as my morning toner and sometimes as my makeup setting spray.  

February I accidentally came across this cleanser and I am just in love with it.  The Cetaphil’s Gentle Cleanser is amazing for all skin types but designed to take care for those with sensitive skin and removes makeup easily. The Cetaphil cleanser is soap-free, paraben-free and does not hurt my skin. I highly recommend this face cleanser because it worked on my sensitive areas and removed my makeup without a problem.  I used it both dry as in applying directly to the face and then removing excess with damp cotton discs but I have to admit I was sold when I read it could be used as a wash cleanser with warm warm – it is by far the best thing ever!

March When in Florence, I walked those Sephora steps I had one mind set and that was to get as many sheet masks as I possible could.  They made it that little bit easier when they offered 3 for the price of two!! I like using sheet mask as part of my routine.  I just love them, they just add that extra glow to my face after using them.

April And talking about sheet masks we all know that after you use them the access product that is left on your skin is meant to be rub into your skin in circular motion.  When I started using them I remembered that way before I started the eBay bargain hunt posts, yes I have always been an avid eBuyer 🙂 I had gotten what I call the ‘face roller‘ so it was just the perfect little gadget to use to rub in the access masks products while massaging your face at the same time.  I just love this part 🙂

May By far my most used moisturiser and this is the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, just because, I can’t bear the feel of heavy/rich creams on my combination skin. The gel cream texture feels light on the skin and it absorbs quickly, whilst leaving my skin looking instantly plumped. It’s also a life saviour come summer when you can’t bear to apply anything to your sweaty face.

June Needless to say no face routine is done without an eye cream and this my lovelies is the best eye cream for every day use.  I love love love the Clinique Prep Start. This is just perfect as it is so gentle on your under eye are which is why it is perfect for everyday use, the formula is light enough to absorb instantly, meaning it won’t crease up your concealer (amen!!!!). Besides being moisturising it is also brightening which is just amazing to kick start your skincare routine and help you look well-slept in seconds.

July Of course with summer in full swing this is an utmost important step in my daily routine.  I was pleasantly introduced to the Organii range and I started using the Organii SPF 15 Facial Cream.  I just loved it and it smells amazing too plus it is also paraben and colourant free protection. With organic ingredients like Argan, Jojoba and Hyaluronic Acid the Organii Facial Sun Cream will not only protect your face, but also nourish and moisturise it.

August This was an awesome addition to my skincare routine the Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum [use mydivainside15 to save if interested if buy :)] has attributes that are meant to visible better the look of your skin. The ingredient include Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen which helps maximise the wellbeing effect of your skin. I love the fact that the product is 100% natural. It has never been tested on animals, it contains no greasy oils and to top it all off, it has a lovely Rosewater scent too!  Agree on the fact that it is known as ‘A Miracle in a Bottle’. I use it daily during my morning and night routine.  An almond size amount is needed for all over the face, as a little bit goes a long way.  I have been loving this little gem and truly enjoying the visible good results. 

September This has to be the latest addition and old school product if you ask me and it’s the Nivea Moisturizing Crème (available at local pharmacies).  You guys are not gonna believe what I have to tell you about this but my loves believe it or not, this cream is the apparently well known product said to have similarities to its $230 counterpart from La Mer precisely the Crème de La Mer. Rumour has it that celebrities like Amber Rose have claimed the classic cream is just as great, and if you compare the ingredients, there are some eerie similarities.

October As part of my routine I have been going for a facial once a year.  I call it the treat my skin to a facial which is basically good for your peace of mind and it is just relaxing to lied there for an hour or so and let the professionals take that little bit of extra care to your face 🙂 I have tried many different once including the last one I had which was gifted to me but I have to say that I have been loving the treatment at Chic Med-Aesthetic Clinics. Can’t wait for the next one.

November Last couple of months of the year, I discovered Uriage brand, thank to a gift I got during the Beauty Night out organised by Melita Health and Beauty.  The first product that caught my eye was the Eau Thermale Water Serum.  In a nutshell, products from this range contain pure thermal water and are hypoallergenic.  The Water Serum contains active ingredients which are intended to hydrate your skin deeply.  The ideal user for this product is recommended for dull, dehydrated skin as it replenishes and restores the natural levels of moisture.   The texture is very watery so be careful when using the products as it might come out a lot however having said that soaks up immediately leaving that amazing awesome feeling on your skin.  I loved this product and think that the line offers very careful care for every skin type and all ages. Of course, it depends on what exactly you’re looking for in your skin care but generally speaking you should always aim at maintaining healthy levels of hydration. That way your skin tone will be bright, even and its texture will be plumper and will appear younger.

December I could not be happier to end the year with the Uriage Thermal Micellar Waters another yet perfectly suited product for removing make-up which is suitable for all skin types, thanks to the unique properties of Uriage Thermal Water. The miceller’s gentle, non-ionic constituent surfactants, act like magnets to effectively capture make-up and impurities. This micellar water with gentle non-ionic surfactants gently eliminates all impurities from the skin. Enriched with apricot extract for its soothing power. Enriched with moisturizing Uriage Thermal Water. 

So there you have it guys the secret to my skin care routine and all the products I have been using over the past 12 months. Did you guys enjoy it? Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any 🙂

Also, this post brings an end to 2K18, I truly hope you enjoy what I had to share with you guys and hope you can stick around for the New Year which I am looking forward to and cannot wait to to unfold what it has in store for me.

Until next time,



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