Life lessons from The Greatest Showman I am implementing in my life

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A somewhat different kind of post but I felt that since my Blog is my Life it would probably inspire someone like it happened to me.  After re-watching The Greatest Showman for the third time and at this point all the hype surrounding this movie kind off took a back seat, I found myself thinking more on the moral values within the movie.

The inspiring story of P. T. Barnum, the ambitious showman turned businessman celebrates the birth of show business and tells a story of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation in a dazzling and catchy musical.  And, after all the jaw dropping, eyes wide opened, songs stuck in our heads their remains the lessons learned from this amazing masterpiece of a movie.

So I narrowed them down to 7 I found the most meaningful in my opinion.

1. Don’t be greedy – Money and fame aren’t everything

A lot of events could’ve been avoided for the better if it wasn’t for greed and the endless pursuit for the extravagant lifestyle.  PT. Barnum was so caught up in giving his wife and children the life that his wife once had, that he dismissed the other people’s feelings and his priorities.  Know what is most important in your life!



2. Appreciate the people around you

Loved ones were disregarded and tossed away to the side.  P.T. Barnum left his family to join Jenny Lind on her tour. He also left his family at the circus and treated them like nothing more than human moneymakers. In the end, it is those who will be there for you; not the crowds of cheering people, not the materialistic things.  Keep those people close do not push them away as they have been there all along for you.



3. There’s no point feeling sorry for yourself

One of the best songs from the soundtrack as well as the winner for Best Original Song in the 75th Golden Globes; “This is Me” inspires you to be unapologetically yourself.  People are always going to talk, not everyone is going to like you and judgements are inevitable – might as well enjoy the ride.



4. Learn how to take risks in life. After all, we only have one life to live.

PT. Barnum was a risk taker. He bought an abandoned museum because he had a vision and started something no one has ever done before. He gathered and united people, even when it seemed impossible to do so. Phillip Carlyle also took the risk of joining Barnum in this venture despite already having a stable life.  If you never try, you never know. When in doubt ask yourself where you see yourself in then years and take the plunge.  Never live life asking yourself what it!



5. You’re the only thing in the way of your own happiness

Like Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler – forbidden lovers from different classes of the social triangle. Even with ups and downs, they pulled through and chose to put their happiness before the meaningless things people have to say.  You are your own worst critic. Don’t diminish yourself just because other people don’t see your potential. Don’t live your life based on other people’s standards.  



6. Love is a very powerful thing – and it’s beautiful

Charity was willing to sacrifice her lavish life, just to be with P.T. Barnum. He was willing to do so much just to provide a good life to his wife and children. Phillip realised being with Anne was the most beautiful thing he could ever ask for. The love everyone in the circus had for each other, despite being so different from one another is inspirational. True love can move mountains – allow yourself to experience this amazing journey.  


7. Hustle hard your dreams and go get it with all your might

PT. Barnum had a lot of dreams and went out to get them. He dreamt of a lavish life, dor people to know his name and more. He worked for it – doing anything possible to make those dreams a reality.

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