A little heart to heart #9 | The struggle to maintaining the weight loss and getting leaner

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

So I have documented my choice for a better living or even better a healthier lifestyle far and wide on my Blog however I have to admit to myself that I have been I keep loosing this ‘battle’ as much as I have trying to keep it.

Over two years ago I have restarted visiting my favourite Nutritionist namely Colette and Rodianne at Makeover in Gzira.  It was hard at first to get back in the programme but I was determined to keep it up to which commitment, I was well excited I reached the final result of 47.5kgs!

Whilst some of you might remark that that weight is very low for my age and height I was very glad that I defined the rule of age and lost a good 5kgs.  However, right after that I went on vacation to Rome and whilst I walked everywhere I had to go I might have gotten overly excited over the food hence the fact that I came back with an increase of 2kgs in my weight in April of 2017 which was OK against the 5kgs I had lost.

I determined to get right back on track and in early 2018, I stuck at being strict on myself and have was being very careful as what to eat, I kept on following the food plans that I was given from my nutritionist and that included fruit, veggies, chicken, veal and healthy snacks including lactose free yogurts, prune and nuts .


Somewhere in 2018 I even entrusted a personal trainer to guide me to learn how to train and remain active even at home but mia culpa I am not motivated when I find myself on my own, so that did not work much either.

One thing that really helps is I usually cut up and wash all my produce and store it in containers so it is easily accessible and ready to eat. This way there is no excuses. As much as I could, I avoided going out, however with events, birthday parties and family meals one could hardly make excuse, however, I was making a lot of soups which I eat before going to an event making sure my intake during such event was somewhat controlled.  With all this, I did not lose a kilo! On the contrary I am was now back at weighing 50kgs which I hear you say it is fine for my age group and a 5″1 height! But fact remains that this ‘extra weight’ is all in my belly area!


In my mind I knew that I could easily get toned up if only I could find time to exercise and the ‘I do not have time’ is only an excuse I hear say – if you really want something you will find the time to do it.  However, I honest and truly don’t especially in the morning, I wake up at 5.30 every morning sorting out breakfast, lunches and snacks for my boys and myself (and before you come at me I cannot prepare kiddo lunch from before as my partner has a tendency to eat it!!! – so no cannot).  I get everyone clothes ready, clear up and do the bed this all by 7.30 as then it out of the door for the school run. By night I am pretty much exhausted – after getting a load on and cook, I usually cook a meal of us for two days especially now that Aiden has either private lessons or MUSEUM so there goes my time.


I am right now in between sessions at my nutritionist but it has not been going that well for me as my weight loss is fluctuating a lot right now and I am also noticing that my menstrual cycle has gotten a lot worse lately and that include the number of days I am bloated which to be honest with you it making me feel a lot more insecure.

In conclusion, my utmost priority is to feel good about myself and keep active as much as possible and not fall into despair of a trend, however, I might have to come to terms with the fact that because I never ever trained professionally in my life, I might be suffering the consequence now.  But I am not about stress too much about as I have lots of more things to stress about and I am embracing it as part of my life.

Until next time,

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