BTS #6 | HOMBRES ’19 collection by Gaetano

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I am so happy to be able to bring you another behind the scenes of Gaetano’s latest project and that is of launching a new collection specifically target for men.. Ladies and gents we present the HOMBRES ’19 collection (Not for every man),

In the designers own words With this collection I wanted to show a different side of my brand and while my heart will always be in women couture, it was time to do something outside of my comfort zone while staying true to what my brand is all about.  I loved working with rich fabrics and playful twists to create the collection.  It’s time to look back… But you also look forward to the future when doing that.

However, in true Diva Inside style, ya’ll know your girl here is very curious to know more and so I stopped by to catch up with Gaetano and ask him some questions?

1. From the behind the scene photos the creations are no doubt good, but who and what inspired you to creating such designs?

A lot of people have asked me if someday I would do a men line and my answer was always it’s not my line.  I’m more focused into women’s couture! However I’ve been working with male artist like Franklin, Sebastian, Stefan Galea, etc for for quite a while but always kept it lowkey.

Recently I did a tracksuit for Franklin and I was really sceptic when we were talking in which direction we are going, however when it was ready and it was shown on YV the response to it was amazingly good .  I think it was something that no one expected and that’s where the inspiration came from to do this collection.

2. Why the tag line … Not for every man – are you looking for a new clientele?

The tag line ..”not for every man”.  Well as much as this collection is kinda sports wear it’s still flamboyant and over the top, with mostly adventurous printed materials and like I’ve done for women that they need to be adventurous it applies for men too.   It’s ok to be over the top and flamboyant.

3. The face of this collection is renowned local singer Franklin Calleja? Why did you choose him to be the face of Hombres?

Like I’ve said  before Franklin was a big part of this collection  and apart from being the face of the Hombres collection, we worked together on the designs and materials for this collection.

4. What does this launch of men collection mean for the Couture by Gaetano brand?

It means that we are still keeping our love for women’s couture  ALWAYS!! But stepping outside of the brands box and give something completely different!

5. How does this collection defer from the women’s collection you design?

I base most of my women collections on music, divas, glamour, beaded material, glitters, sequence, etc .  Whilst this collection  is mostly based on prints which I rarely use in women’s collections.

6. How would you describe this collection?

Fun, flamboyant and over the top but still wearable.

7. Do you think this addition will contribute to a better business for your company?

As much as we’re supposed to think about our business, I  honestly don’t work like that I never strategize “maybe if i do this i sell more”  or “that’s what the mass wants, so I give it to them”, no I just do what’s in my heart and what i enjoy doing and if I feel something’s right or have a really good inspiration I just do it.  The most important thing is that you stay true to what represents your brand and you as a person.

You all might think that I am biased when it comes to Gaetano as he has a truly special place in my heart, however ever since he won Best New Designer during Malta Fashion Week in 2015 he has not looked back and kept giving us one stunning collection after another, so a bit of a curve ball towards a different direction is well welcomed.  I truly look forward to everything Geatano has instore for us this year and beyond.

If you guys wish to get in touch with Gaetano here’s is all the information you need:

Couture by Gaetano
Tel: +356 7989 1127

Also make sure to follow Gaetano’s facebook page to see when they will be relocating to the new premises!  However here’s the new address Block A, Shop A, Pearl Court, Triq Willie Attard, Hamrun.


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Disclaimer : Photos of the official photo shoot belong to Alana Bondin Photography. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2019 Alana Bondin Photography

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