#ICYMI #14|C&R Present ‘Fabiola’ F/W ’19/’20 Collection

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February has become synonymous and a must for my Blog to feature our fantastic ambassadors Charles and Ron who every time they visit New York City they engrave a bit more our little island’s name in the mind of the attendees during the coveted #NYFW, and from what I saw it was yet another stunning collection with yet another stunning collection and in my humble space I am here to share my appreciation for C&R.

So last Saturday 9th February Charles & Ron launched their new collection during New York Fashion Week.  The show was part of the Art Hearts Fashion Week supported by Aids Health Care and was held at the Neo Gothic NYC landmark the Angel Orensanz Foundation.


“Fabiola” Charles & Ron Fall/Winter  2019/2020
In memory of Katya Saunders

The inspiration starting point for this collection were some vintage family Jewellery pieces that Charles & Ron came across while doing research about Maltese Jewellery traditions. The tradition of gold and ornate Jewellery pieces to show off one’s status and religion has always been strongly present in Maltese culture and it was an intriguing image of Saint Fabiola on a gold brooch that further inspired the design process for Fall/Winter 2019/20.

Widely used by Maltese ladies as a decorative image, Saint Fabiola is also the patron saint of divorced people, difficult marriages, and victims of abuse. After two difficult marriages Fabiola renounced all her fortune , donated it to the poor and devoted herself to the church. Henner’s 1885 Fabiola portrait which went missing and has been copied many times throughout history is developed as a graphic print and is an ode to Henner’s and Francis Alys’s Fabiola project.

Other in house designed graphic print fabrics feature original Maltese Jewellery pieces and graphic patterns that depict the gold chain named “Barbazzal” and also more graphic variations on the C&R logo.

Charles & Ron used Silk Twill, Pure Crepe Wool, Lace, Velvet, Chiffon and Faux Fur and this season also introduce logo embroidered denim. The beaded appliqué Jewellery motifs are all hand-beaded in a mixture of glass beads and crystal.

Jewel Tones are the core colours for this collection, Purple, Cardinal Pink, Chili Pepper Red, Orange, Lilac all set off against staple Black, Camel and a soft winter White.

The new collection is paired with a new shopper bag which is made in a mixture of printed velvet and leather, the smaller bags are new versions of the popular micro bag and a hand stitched saddle bag style in “Croc” print and plain Italian Leather. All the embellished Jewellery, leather belts and boots are all designed in house.

While working on this collection, C&R’s dear friend and a Maltese icon Katya Saunders passed away. This collection is dedicated in her honor.

C&R: “ unconsciously while designing and working on this collection we included many elements of what Katya loved so much, jewellery, Catholicism, Tulle and Silks. When we heard the sad news we knew straight away that this collection which we premiered in her favorite city NY, would be dedicated in her honor.”


I mean am I right to be in awe of these two brilliant designers, everything is well amazingly beautiful and don’t get me started on the colour palette is dark and I just LOVE IT.  Safe to say that this collection is my personal favourite and I really really want those stunning CR earrings in my life to start off with.

Charles and Ron I heart you very much, as you always manage to exceed all expectations.  Bravissimi 🙂

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Arun Nevader for Getty Images and have been used for the purpose of this post.  DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without express permission of their rightful owner.


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