Brand Spotlight Series #19 | Golden Skai

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I am so excited to be featuring this brand on my little space here.  Firstly because I have an good eye for the finer things in life (hehe!) secondly and I would say more importantly the creative mind behind this Brand is a very dear friend of mine Lucy. I remember the first time Lucy send me her first Instagram photo I was in awe and having spent a fantastic couple of years working with this lovable human being I could see her unique style in the pieces she created.

I am pleased to introduce you to Golden Skai – the art of creating fresh dainty and trendy 14k gold jewellery for all the dreamers out there. Being a hopeless dreamer myself, celebrating freedom and femininity Golden Skai brings you the latest trends in high quality 14k gold that you never have to worry about taking off and all this for the Being a customer myself, I know what I look for in jewellery hence I try to bring you all the pros without any cons.

So me being me and to give you guys a better background to Golden Skai, I got inquisitive and I as always I had a thousand and one questions running in my mind but don’t worry I narrowed them down to 11 .)

1. So why did you choose Golden Skai?
You mean – the name? πŸ˜‰ Well, that was a process πŸ™‚ I wanted to give my brand a name that would mean something to me. It’s the first time I have tried something on my own and I wanted the name to fit perfectly to what I want this jewellery to portray but at the same time I wanted it to have a special meaning to me only. I have a son and his name is Kai, which in Hawaiian means ‘ocean’, which I love. A very good friend had an idea to add the ‘S’ at the beginning, which basically gives you a misspelled ‘Sky’ πŸ˜‰ I also love sunsets and those get to be beautiful and golden, so we poetically put all this together to create this beautiful dreamy name. I thank two of my best friends for the help with it – you know who you are – thanks girls!!  

2. What inspired you to start your label?
It’s again, a combination of things. Last year I got to spend the best way I know – travelling with my beautiful little family. I wanted that year to give me a bit of a push to try to not settle, but to try to be as happy as when I travel, every day. It’s not an easy task being a Gemini, I tell you that ;P It was actually my better half who gave me the jewellery idea. It’s good to have someone who believes in you when you are starting something on your own, that’s for sure! I have always loved dainty jewellery and I have always loved taking photos. I also always felt like whenever I go to a jewellery store, I would do certain things differently. I love how the famous bloggers layer their jewellery but I also knew they always get new jewellery so they don’t need to worry about getting it destroyed because they can just replace it. I wanted to create fashion pieces but at the same time dainty and somewhat undying as since the jewellery is gold, it is more expensive hence you have to think of creating pieces that your customers will like for a long time. The jewellery is easy to layer since it is adjustable and our latest collection necklaces – you can even change the chains between the pendants. This allows you to layer your necklaces and keep on creating fresh looks with the same jewellery. You know what the best part is? You are free of worries when swimming or having a shower.  

3. What are your aspirations for your brand?
I want to make people happy. You know, since my business is online, every time I receive an order, I look forward to preparing that package, I write an original note to every customer and I imagine their faces when they open it πŸ™‚ My aspirations are down to Earth, really. I don’t need to make millions. I want to create beautiful pieces, that shine and make you smile when you wear them. Β 

4. What was the initial niche that started the jewellery making and what inspires you mostly?
It’s a little hard to say where my inspiration comes from πŸ™‚ My mind is filled with thoughts that would not make sense to people if they could see inside my head, but at the end, somehow the idea always comes together. For example, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers that love same style of jewellery and so I know what shapes everyone will wear soon because ‘she is wearing it’. For instance, at the moment, coin necklaces are very popular and I think they are just so beautiful! So I try to create something in the given shape but I give it the ‘Lucy touch’. Usually the Lucy touch involves nature, something mysterious, or something to do with beach or summer, happiness or a country πŸ™‚ I keep on going until the last little detail is exactly the way it feels right. If it doesn’t feel right I will not be happy.  

5. Where do your ideas evolve from?
I think I actually just answered that πŸ™‚    

6. Take us through your “typical” work day.
My days are never the same really, but I first always take my son to school every morning. After that I would go to the post office to post packages that I prepared the night before if there were any sales. After that I would go home and check the statistics on all the platforms I use to promote my Etsy page. I am still learning every day, it’s all a process for me too. I would make a post for Instagram and share, this sounds like an easy job to do and well, in my case I do think about it for a while, plus as a starting business you always worry what response it will get. I also try to research influencers and I have been contacting a few to try to get the brand’s name more recognised. Nowadays, influencers are the best way to get your brand noticed. You need to do your research and see if the people that actually do respond to you will be worth your money and if you should go for it. What I love doing is taking actual photos of the jewellery. I try to incorporate fashion in it too so customers can see what they can style their pieces with. The great thing is all the Etsy reviews so far have been given a rating 5, which is the most you can get and that makes me so so so happy! My customers really do love my jewellery! You know how exciting that is for me? πŸ™‚  

7. What do you look for to inspire you?
I think I get most inspired by the beach. Whoever knows me well will tell you, this girl is crazy about shells. πŸ™‚ In fact the shells are getting more space in our latest collection πŸ˜‰ however, I just love anything to do with nature, I love sunrise or sunset and it deserved its place on one of my necklaces. I also love travelling so I wanted to create a necklace that would talk to a lot of other fellow travellers out there! You might find this cheesy but I do like daydreaming about the jewellery and sometimes an idea just comes in. I do look for ideas online as well, as I like to see what’s out there already.    

8. The most valuable lesson you have learned in this business?
Well, it pushed me to grow up in a certain way and it kept me dreaming in another. I guess it taught me that you can do anything you decide to do, you have to just keep on going. One step at a time. And I am determined to keep on going.  

9. How big is the accessory business today?
Too big. Luckily I don’t look to make millions πŸ˜‰  

10. Any particular techniques you prefer?
I love to make the jewellery look ‘old’ and vintage. One of my most favourite necklaces is the Aphrodite and Heracles. Both of these coin necklaces have kind of an unfinished edge, which makes it look like an actual coin from the Greek Gods. For now we are using the wax technique. Wax is created first and then the gold is basically β€˜poured in’.  

11. Do you have a favourite accessory designer that you admire?
I don’t actually. With jewellery, the designer name is not important to me. If I love a piece of jewellery, it’s because it’s beautiful. In fact, my most favourite jewellery, before I started making my own, is either from other shops on Etsy, or from my travels. I love when it tells a story in a way. If I buy it from my travels – it has a special meaning to me because of that. It brings memories. You know, that tiny cute store in that little Greek town … πŸ˜‰ otherwise if I would buy something from a different Etsy shop, usually it would come with a personal handwritten note and that makes me feel connected with the seller. It feels like they really care. And usually they really do. It’s from people to people. A real person to another real person. No big corporations, you know?  

That is another thing I want my customers to understand. Our jewellery is not just any jewellery. It has all the things I’ve seen, all feelings I’ve felt written all over it. I like to dream a lot. And I would love for my customers to feel the dreams and dream their own when they wear the jewellery. From me to all of you guys out there. I really hope you love itβ™₯️

So there you have it my lovelies, are you loving them or ARE YOU LOVING THEM? I am obsessed with them:) To anyone interested to buy any of the items these are currently available on Etsy under GoldenSkai.  Otherwise to all my international friends please feel free to contact Lucy via her social that are all linked above.

Until next time,


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