Pre-Malta Fashion Week #7 | Alkebulan – Garden of Eden by Nilara

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With only 18 days away from the first day of Fashion Week Malta 2019, it has become a somewhat of a tradition for me to get in touch with our amazing designers to ask a bit of questions and maybe get a sneak peek however this year I am changing it up a bit and let the designers themselves introduce their upcoming new collection.

If you follow the local fashion industry you should be aware of who Nilay Camilleri is I have spoken about her work here and here and most recently I wore one of her creations when I was invited to celebrate her 5th Anniversary of the brand.

After an absence from last year, I was pleased to see that Nilara was going to be part of this year’s local designers line-up. So here how Nilay describes her upcoming collection then keep on reading.

Nilara presents ‘Alkebulan – Garden of Eden’…celebrating magnificent amalgamation of African prints!

Nilay Camilleri is an unconventional talent. Ever since the first time she burst onto the Maltese fashion scene with the Nilara label; her flamboyant, devil-may-care genius with bold, proud and whimsical designs have rocked the MFWA catwalk for four years. Opulent designs with an innovative twist coupled with fine, elaborate fabrics is the ever recognisable signature of Nilay Camilleri, you can never be over educated or overdressed, thus dare to be fabulous.

Her latest collection, ‘Alkebulan – Garden of Eden’, to be unveiled at this year’s edition of Malta Fashion Week is certainly no exception. ‘Alkebulan – Garden of Eden’ represents an extravagant mélange of styles amalgamated with African prints. Bright, vibrant colours, bold patterns combined with western fabrics is the new statement collection of Nilara with a twist.  ‘Alkebulan – Garden of Eden’, as the name implies, promises to be even more outré and ever bolder than its’ predecessors, take the conventional and demolish it, forever challenging our perception of fashion.

When asked Nilay to describe her new collection in just five words
here is what she said. “I would say it’s bold, vibrant, eccentric, kaleidoscope of colors coupled with african fabrics”.

Well I am quite intrigued to be honestly, especially by what I gathered from the pictures above I am assuming they are fabric designs, so if you guys like me want to catch this collection when it is unveiled on Sunday 26th May make sure to sign up for tickers here.

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