Pre-Malta Fashion Week #9 | VIVA by Ritienne Zammit

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Another day another designer to be featured ahead of the first day of Fashion Week Malta 2019 which if you didn’t know kicks off on Wednesday 22nd May.

All the local designers showcasing their work during the coveted Fashion Week Malta are extremely talented and all of them have great things to offer so the purpose of these posts is to them to get to know a bit more about their collection and a little bit of more exposure 🙂

Today’s spotlight falls on the amazingly gifted Ritienne Zammit. I am pretty sure that like me when someone mentions Ritienne Zammit one can recall all of her unique and original pieces. Her pieces have this affinity with trendy but at the same time vintage if you know what I mean. I mean it is all because she has this insane ability to merge heritage and history of our little island and moulds them into perfect designs.

For this year’s collection Ritienne will surely stun the island once again with her new collection entitled VIVA! This impassioned line of apparel, designed with strong emotion at its core, expresses and explores devotion towards Malta’s traditional Festa (feast) celebrations. VIVA! revolves in honouring the patron saints celebrated in the respective local village Festa`s.

Ritienne is synonymous to designing her own prints and her designs are more that executed to perfection so I am looking forward to see Ritienne’s representational view of the life and martyrdom of these patron saints, to explore and honour the profound lives of these religious figures.

The collection concurrently praises the foundation of her native heritage, as here in Malta these traditional Festa`s are a part of one’s upbringing. Just as the expression suggests, VIVA expresses support and admiration towards the tradition and those commemorated through each celebration.

Like the previous esignes I did ask to describe her new collection in just five words and this is what she had to say to us “I would say artistic, fanatical, sacred, heritage and VIVA! ”

Well what can I say the last day of this year’s Malta Fashion Week is once again closing with a bang and really and truly VIVA! Ritienne Zammit. I suggest you do not miss out on this collection when it is unveiled on Wednesday 29th May so make sure to sign up for tickets here.

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