Pre-Malta Fashion Week #10 | Eyeconic by Parascandalo

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I know that I am probably overwhelming you with an overload of blog posts but it is that time of the year to build up the excitement and give our brilliant designers their due spotlight. But we are just 7 days away from the start of the most exciting week in fashion – Malta Fashion Week Malta 2019 which starts next Wednesday 22nd May.

Today’s spotlight turns towards designer extraordinaire Marco
Parascandalo . Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marco a bit better and even was lucky enough to wear a few of his creations. It gives me great pleasure to feature most of our designers and it makes me really happy that Marco always accepts my requests. Of course like all previous posts, in this one we will also be discussing the upcoming new collection 🙂

As a brand Parascandalo ’s will be unveiling their sixth collection for Malta Fashion Week. I have been around working the Fashion Week as long as Marco and it gives me a great feeling seeing how as a brand
Parascandalo has evolved and flourished into a well known and sought after brand.

Parascandalo ’s collection is entitled ‘EYECONIC’ and it’s inspiration centres on the ‘Eye of Horus‘ which represents protection, power and good health. This collection will be their Spring/Summer 2019 collection and it is being said that the Parascandalo ’s design team beside the collection itself, are also working on a surprise which will be revealed on the day of the show!

Of course like with the other designers I asked Marco to describe his new collection in just five words and here is what he had to say “I would say it’s colourful, exciting, intricate, detailed and surprising”.

I am beside myself with excitement to see for myself Marco’s thoughts and execution for what I believe will be his best collection to date. If you guys like me want to catch this collection when it is unveiled on Monday 27th May make sure to sign up for tickers here.

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