Pre-Malta Fashion Week #12| La Couleur Invisible by Maria Cutajar

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Ok now the excitement can kick in as it exactly 2 days till Malta Fashion Week Malta 2019 starts this Wednesday. Today’s designer is none other than Maria Cutajar and I am really happy that Maria is doing a full on show this year.

The collection is inspired from the movie ‘Casablanca’, which took place in 1942 during the world war. La couleur Invisible transformed the noir movie into expressing the collection using the very beautiful colors of Casablanca and the Moroccan culture, which aren’t seen to be appreciated. I was always passionate about movies that are feathered in black and white and felt that this was the time that I put in my two passions together. Looking forward to launching this bright collection, as this will also be represented my style for my upcoming collections.

Needless to say I asked Maria as well to describe her new collection in just five words and here is what he had to say “Hmmmm I would say it’s bright, colourful, classic, powerful and timeless”.

I am very happy that we will get to see a full on Maria Cutajar fashion show this year and I cannot wait to take a closer look at what sounds like a beautiful collection. Guys Maria’s collection unveils on Thursday 23rd May so if you still haven’t gut an invite please check here to see if there are any invites left.

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