Pre-Malta Fashion Week #13| The Cure by Rosemarie Abela

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

The day has finally arrived where all the last touches and final preparations come together as in fact later on today at exactly 7pm Malta Fashion Week 2019 kicks off – and the last designer for this series is none other than the designer that is kicking off this year’s edition of Malta Fashion Week.

Reading through the thoughts behind the collection I have to admit that it is not quite as I had pictured it.

In fact, using her collection ‘The Cure’ as a platform, Rosemarie Abela seeks to raise awareness about the oftentimes quiet suffering of the ill. Rosemarie has incorporated various medical related aspects into ‘The Cure’ without compromising on the elegance that her clothes have become renowned for.

‘The Cure’ is Rosemarie’s invitation for people to open their eyes to the sometimes hard reality of others.

I did ask Rosemarie to describe her new collection in just five words and here is what he had to say “I would say the five would be personal, edgy, clinical, stylish and captivating however there is a sixth word which is very important to me and that is awareness.

Wow I am really intrigued by it all and my mind has been going at a thousand miles per hour trying to imagine this collection and if I had to be truthfully (as always) I am very upset that due to unforeseen circumstances I will be missing this show and a few more 😦 However I will be glued to IG to see all the stories!

In my mind this I think it might be Rosemarie’s finest collection but she told me that it is definitely daring and personal.

Ok now – who’s excited as I sure am 🙂 and with this post we conclude this short mini series which comes along once a year. As per usual I really enjoyed doing these featured post and I’d like to think that in my little platform here I can showcase Malta’s finest designers.

In exactly 9 hours #MFWA2019 kicks off with Rosemarie Abela’s The Cure. Big good luck to everyone.

Until next time,


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