Photo shoot | Vacay mood with Golden Skai

Hey my there my lovelies,

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I am really happy and glad to be sharing this post today. First and foremost let me stop you here because if you do not know of Golden Skai then I suggest you first read here as I had featured the Brand Spotlight feature I posted last month ….

Go on … I am watching you …. so did you read it? Well now you can continue reading this post 🙂

Golden Skai – the art of creating fresh dainty and trendy 14k gold jewellery for all the dreamers out there. Being a hopeless dreamer myself, celebrating freedom and femininity Golden Skai brings you the latest trends in high quality 14k gold that you never have to worry about taking off and all this for the affordable prices  Being a customer myself, I know what I look for in jewellery hence I try to bring you all the pros without any cons.

After a few weeks of brain storming, me and Lucy (the talented designer behind Golden Skai) went out venturing through Gudja for a bit of vacay inspo and started shooting until we found the perfect spot for the rest of the photo shoot. The quaint and beautiful Talbot & Bons Boutique Hotel which is low key my favourite spot in Gudja and I thank the Management from the bottom of my heart for always being welcoming and kind.

May I now present you with ‘Vacay mood with Golden Skai’.

With regards to hair and makeup this was done by myself as I would normally do when I am on vacation. Whilst all the clothes and the shoot styling was by the hands of Lucy from Golden Skai. The styling vibes is easily picked on however, having the perfect accessories is always a bit more challenging and here we showcase all the current available stock from Golden Skai with the piece of mind that nothing will ruin your pieces since they are made out of 14K gold. Aaah I’m super happy with how this photo shoot turned out … ARE YOU GUYS LOVING IT? I’m truthfully obsessed 🙂 What are your thoughts?

To anyone interested to buy any of the items seen here these are currently available on Etsy under GoldenSkai.  For any other queries please feel free to contact Lucy via her social that are all linked above.

Until next time,


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