Event Post #93 | Jaguar Land Rover Malta Fashion Week | Day 5 : New Designers

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The Jaguar Land Rover Malta Fashion Week is now in full swing and even though for me Day 5 is my first day, I was was glued to my socials to check out the latest collections and street style trends from this year’s edition of Fashion Week.

While attendance is always well packed at established local designers’ shows, with everyone traditionally looking to see what has inspired the respective designer, at MCAST there are many new, young, up-and-comers, quite possibly the future of our local fashion industry and what a cool way to celebrate and promote these new talents by bringing back the New Designers show and give them a spotlight during this coveted week. We all know that breaking into the fashion industry is not an easy task. It takes incredible talent, lots of hard work, time and the right help to put a collection together so I was really excited for this show!

A total of 10 designers showcased their work. Seven MCAST students namely Natasha Polidano, Andre Xiberras, Dhalia Grech, Alicia Busuttil, Anthea Calleja, Martha Camilleri and Danial Gitmanovich. The other three designers namely Christine Ann, Eversince and Nikolai Mifsud were chosen by Malta Fashion Week from the applications they have forwarded to participate in the New Designer show.

Lead makeup artist for this show was Marlene Vassallo whilst lead hair stylist was Dominic J. Bartolo. Loved the clean look for both hair and make-up that added the perfect touch intended not to take away from the limelight of the new designers show.

I have to say I have almost seen all the New Designers shows from previous Malta Fashion Week editions and I was pleased to see that the standard has risen and whilst there were some of the collections that I personally felt that they had not wow, I command the designers for coming up with their respective concept for their collection.

One of my favourite was hands down Natasha Polidano’s collection especially the STUNNING pink/white ensemble I mean that skirt thought process is impeccable (in my humble opinion) and I am pretty sure it was the hardest piece out of the whole collection. I loved the swish and oomph movement of the model walking down the catwalk. Amazing.

On the total opposite side of the spectrum I fell in love with the urban sporty but somewhat sexy look presented to us by Eversince. I truly need them overalls in my life. Perfect!

Quite enjoyed that. Great way start my first day at Malta Fashion Week. Stay tuned for more posts from Day 5 coming up soon.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Post belong to Steve Mugliett Photography and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2019 Steve Mugliett Photography

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