Event Post #97 | Jaguar Land Rover Malta Fashion Week | Day 8 : VIVA! by Ritienne Zammit

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Wednesday 29th May was the final day of this year’s Jaguar Land Rover Malta Fashion Week and like every year the closing show is the much anticipated one by Maltese designer Ritienne Zammit!

Just like Marco’s is THE local name for street style trend, Ritienne is the local designer that does not one to shy away from bold prints, distinctive designs and most probably the only designer that uses our beautiful heritage and traditions and turns them into stunning one of a kind pieces.

For this year’s inspiration Ritienne dived into patron saints feasts that our Maltese culture delves in with such passion that really and truly even if you hate traditions at some point you had to experience one of our local feasts. If you are Maltese, you know that there are three fundamental and fanatical phases in our lives and these are football, politics and feasts not necessarily in that order but the extreme notion is there.

However instead of delving into that fanaticism Ritienne brought to life the patron saints historical and biblical story of these religious figures.

All printed material was well thought of and researched deeply in true Ritienne Zammit nature, her runway show exceeded all expectations when she gave us special effect makeup done flawlessly by Sarah Doublet some include actual arrows in the model chest, referencing St. Sebastian’s death by arrows. Our Lady representation include Baby Jesus (and yes the is a real baby) was just brilliant. St. Helen reference to Constantine where it is said that she found Jesus’s cross was just amazing. However, I was sold and done when the representation of St. Gaetano walked out … so amazingly cool that there was even a bum-bag. I have to have that – I need it in my wardrobe – just a gentle reminder dear Ritienne 😛

Now that a week has passed since the show and that initial excitement leaves your brain, I am here still thinking about that amazing show because beyond the awe of a well thought design there is also a beautiful cohesive and well executed collection that celebrate the traditions of our island Festas, in bold and admirable pieces.

Lead make up artist : Elaine Galea
Lead hairstylist : Chris Galea from Michael & Guy

A nod to the excellent work of Yana from Yana’s Jewellery who managed perfectly to amalgamate her work in the intricate material and patterns used by Ritienne and gave us some really beautiful pieces to compliment Ritienne’s collection. Bravissima Yana.

Don’t have enough words to express my congratulations Ritienne but I hats off for yet another breathtaking collection.

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Until next time,


Disclaimer : Post belong to Bernard Polidano Photography and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2019 Bernard Polidano Photography

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