Ebay Bargain Hunt #13 | My finds €35 and under!

Hey there my lovelies, Welcome back to my Blog! It time for a fave here on my Blog another long awaited eBay hunt, in today’s episode you are in for a treat with cheap makeup, jewellery necklaces and clothing.  I always get so so excited when I am browsing and do some online shopping on eBay and bag a good cheap offers to my cart. Anyway, I finally received a couple of finds and as per usual I pocket a few good deals so if you want to check out what I got this time around.  Were they hits of misses – then keep on reading 🙂 Dual Lumee LED Light Up Selfie Case Samsung S8 (€11.40 + €12.60 postage) I love getting backups of this mobile case as since I’ve had them I have safely managed to keep my S8 intact.  I also keep backups as after  a while the led lights start reducing in strength. Dual LED for S8 POP out socket Holder for Samsung (€1.15 + free postage) Of course a new case calls for a new pop socket holder, as you know I’m a constant selfie taker (or try to) and cannot imagine using my mobile or take a photo without the pop socket. s-l500 Velvet Scrunchies (€1.15 + free postage) Would you believe me if I told you that I couldn’t find a plain black velvet scrunchie! Well I then resorted to my faithful eBay and here we are and I have a few other colours on the way including another black one. Scrunchies 85pcs Replacement A4 Light Box Sign (€3.60 + free postage) Haha I haven’t done an eBay fail in a while and this was one to add to the list.  In my mind I ordered the whole board and the replacement letters but it was in fact just the letter.  I now have to look for the corresponding board 🙂 Cards Sign LED Cinematic Vintage Hair Clip (€1.15 each + free postage) Of course like any other trend you will always always find it available on eBay and I know me before diving into any trend like these I head to eBay and get some items to see how I feel about it.  I have to say that these were nicer than I imagine they would be which I was very happy about. Love Clip Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Cleaning Brush (€5.60 + free postage) This is a shocker of an unboxing as when I got this I had no idea that it was gonna be branded.  Infact, this turned out to be a Foreo Luna Facial Cleanser and it work like a dream! Dupe or not I cannot tell as I do not own an original.  But this one is made of great quality, is quite hand and very easy to you. Love it! Ulta sonic silicone brush Pro Kabuki Foundation Brush (IT cosmetics dupe) (€2.00 + free postage) Although this brush turned up well packaged and I have said this before brushes from eBay have always been a hit for me as they always are soft and no funny smells, so I cannot really complain.  Only thing I have to say about this brush, is that I expected the brush a little bit flatter at the top as indicated in the picture however it’s more of a powder brush than foundation brush. Poro kabuki brush Avengers Black Panther costume (€20.00 +€12.60 postage) Beginning of the year brings with it a run down to the Carnival costume.  Thankfully as my little one grows older he seems to always know what he wants which make my search that little be easier.  He has a thing for super hereos and so this year it was The Black Panther turn. Have to say that by far this has to be the best costume I ever got.  Details and all and the mask is just beautiful.  Little one was happy and so was I 🙂 Black Panther Costume
So cheers to another eBay/Amazon haul 🙂  I hope you liked the items I picked up this time around:) Let me know of any links that do not work so I find you another and yes why not, if you do get something amazing and worth every penny off eBay let me know … would love to check out what you guys find 🙂 Happy Shopping! Until next time, XOXO Name

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