Spotlight Series #18 | ‘L-Gharusa’ | Season 1 | What we know so far

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Today’s post might not interest many but it will definitely hit the nail on the head for those like me that every Tuesday since last October 2018 we were glued to our TV screens watching the very popular Maltese TV series “L-Gharusa”. We were all hooked on the mystery within the series – there is no denying it and there is no two way measure about it.

So in today’s post when we are approximately 15 weeks away from Season 2 I will breaking down here and unravel some points that are still on my mind, months after the last episode of Season 1 aired. 

The main question I keep asking myself is definitely the mystery that is still around Bettina’s (whom the story is all about) death/murder, which still holds a great value and I think there is a lot of things yet to be unravelled. 

After the season 1 finale I was pretty much surprised (actually SHOOK) that Arturo was the one person that found out about the marriage between Diego and Bettina and regardless of being aware of that fact, Bettina still had to go through with marrying Bert!

During said last episode, we got a glimpse of what looked like a big fight between Bettina and her father Arturo.  It was quite clear to me that she told her father, that she does not love him (assuming here that she was talking about Bert).  I don’t know about you but, I am really starting to wonder if there is an ulterior motive for this instance!  I am starting to consider the fact that the marriage it is all about wealth – is Arturo in some kind of debt?   I mean Arturo married Bettina’s mum Lucrezia, knowing what she went through, on those same lines doesn’t he love Bettina as much?

Another huge question mark revolves around Bettina’s Uncle Amadeo, we know he was at Gauci Fontana residence on the wedding day but were the issues between him and Bettina resolved as last we saw she was very much still angry with him.  We assume she was still in bad terms with him on the night of the Masquerade Ball since he was nowhere to be seen!

Who was the person that gave Bettina a cigarette when she was in the residence garden on the wedding day? Here I am pretty much sure she was trying to escape and that is why we see Diego running in the grounds of Gauci Fontana residence on her wedding day. I mean did I miss it … when did Bettina start smoking??

Lastly, how crazy is Inspector Fenech Lauri?  Will he really be the one to solve Bettina’s death mystery.  I am a bit sceptical here but I might stand to be correct 🙂

This notwithstanding all the other stories past and present that intertwine all together. I cannot go into all of them in just one post – so if you want me to talk the other stories let me know 🙂

On the other hand, I am curious to know your thoughts on this post and my many theories – so do drop me a message would love to hear your assumptions 🙂

Regardless of what my thoughts are I am pretty much sure that super talented Audrey Brincat Dalli has a lot of beautiful stories and surprises in store for us and still to narrate to us. In return these stories will come to life by the hands of the amazing directors Justin Farrugia and Stephen Dalli together with the super amazing, talented and hard working cast and crew.

These remaining 15 weeks will take forever to pass but you cannot do great things in a short time so I will just be here waiting for these weeks to pass 🙂 

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