Travel post #9 | Our adventures at Lake Garda

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The travel post got side tracked – so sorry about that but I am here now and making up for the late post update 🙂 So here is the first out of three. First up is how we spent our days in Peschiera del Garda and the other towns and city.

Side Note : It’s a llloooonnnggg post so get comfy and grab some snacks 🙂

Day 1 | Wednesday 17th April |

We headed to the airport around 3pm as our flight was late afternoon but we were all please that it was perfectly on time. We arrived at Orio al Serio International Airport – Bergamo, Milan at 7pm. Luggage clearance was fast and smooth and headed towards the exit, where we found our taxi driver waiting for us. We wanted to rent a car however, driving for an hour and half at night was something we really want to hassle about, so we arranged for Get Transfer to come pick us up. It is quite expensive in all fairness as cost for both ways came around €200 and there are other option one can choose like trains and buses however, having arrived in Bergamo at 7pm we wanted to arrive at a decent hour at the Hotel. Infact, we arrived at Hotel Johnson in Peschiera del Garda at 8.30pm so we were right on schedule 🙂

The Hotel is super cute, clean and a family run Hotel which is amazing and they treat customers like family 🙂 We got the keys to our room, dropped our luggage off and we went exploring the area and find a good restaurant as by now we were hangry! We found a cute restaurant and grabbed some pizza and pasta (when in Italy right) and after that we enjoyed a nice walk back to our Hotel.

Day 2 | Thursday 18th April |

Our first full day was scheduled around my little muchkin, and the reason why we chose Lago the Garda for our Easter holiday and Aiden’s gift for his First Holy Communion (early I know but hey that’s how we roll). See out lil man has been asking (more wishing) to go on a roller coaster and as much as I was dying to book a trip to Euro Disney – I kept getting people telling me that he is too young in the sense that he won’t make the high requirement for most of the rides that I know he would want to try and then I opted to check out Gardaland and for some reason I felt much better with the rides available so we were sold and we got the tickets online which worked out cheaper, however once in Peschiera we noticed that a lot of Hotel, hostel and even the tourist information office sold tickets for Gardaland at an even cheaper price!

We got a taxi to take us to Gardaland and costed €9. To be honest I was not expecting lots of people however, the entering system is quite fast so we didn’t take us much to get in. By now the adrenaline is of the charts, especially my little one. From the may they gave us on entering the welcome are of the park, you realize this place has a lot to offer. It is divided into three parts.  Adrenaline, Fantasy and Adventure – which makes it perfect for every age, and from all I have seen and experienced, I can safely say my kiddo really enjoyed it 😀 He is an adrenaline junkie the faster a ride went the more the wanted to get back on another ride! I was high on how much fun he was having and I just loved that! (day made 1000%)

Day 3 | Friday 19th April |

Today we met up with the guy from where we hired our car for 3 days. Alessandro from Noleggio Adventure Sprint came to pick us up at the Hotel so we can see the car and get the paperwork sorted. I can say he’s the most awesome car hirer around in Peschiera Del Garda and really I highly recommed, he is so relaxed it was a breath of fresh air!

As soon as we were done the plan for the day was to head out of Peschiera and venture out to the nearby city of Verona. The drive was of about 45 minutes – the perfect day trip. I loved Verona so much and as a matter of fact I will make a separate post on it so stay tuned for that coming up soon 🙂

Day 4 | Saturday 20th April |

This day started off with an unexpected detour to Desenzano as my little man was unwell however, after the initial panic fact of being abroad, being it Easter Saturday and unlike Malta you can find a doctor in every pharmacy of our Polyclinic we found some helpful people when we got to Desenzano General Hospital and within a few hours my sweet pea was better and we got to enjoy and we were all very much relieved 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Since Desenzano was not in our plans I did a quick search and I found out that it is the largest Lake Garda town, very similar to Peschiera, it may lack that ‘charming Italian village’ feel, but it was actually not bad that we ended there.

The promenade makes a really nice walk with amazing views of the mountains and it was the perfect ending to what started as a very hectic day!

Day 5 | Sunday 21st April |

Right after breakfast we headed out to explore and get back to Saturday’s cancelled road trip. So we headed out and our first stop was beautiful Malcesine – Malcesine, is know as the pearl of Lake Garda, and is located in a very picturesque setting and is a charming old town with narrow medieval streets, a beautiful harbour and lots of small shops, stores and cafes perfect place to stroll around, relax and explore. From here you can get a cable car to the top of Monte Baldo, I would have love that but we were on a tight schedule. Next time 🙂 as I heard one can enjoy stunning view of the area 🙂

After a few hours we were back on the road heading up to the the farthest town mesmerising Riva del Garda – the largest and most famous town in the northern part of the lake. The historic centre of Riva del Garda is full of such beautiful sights and attractions to enjoy!

Riva del Garda is a nice little town surrounded by steep cliffs and high mountains on he Northern shore of Lake Garda and it’s particularly impressive if you arrive there by boat. Riva has a nice little old town with picturesque narrow streets and plenty of shopping and dining options. You will have a tough time trying to resist buying at least some of the local specialities and all kinds of traditional Italian gifts.

Haven’t had enough of the beautiful Lake Garda landscape on our way back to Peschiera we managed another pit-stop this time in Garda – yes, I know, this is confusing – there’s a town called Garda on the shores of Lake Garda!!!  This town is actually what lent the lake its current name – before the 8th century AD, when the lake started being referred to as Garda, it was known as Benaco. The name Garda comes from the ancient German word warda, meaning ‘watch’, referring to the town’s castle which in the High Middle Ages was one of the strongest in the region.

Day 6 | Monday 22nd April |

First things first today we had to give the car back which was fine as we wanted to venture to Sirmione via the lake’s boat service Il-Tragetto. Sirmione is well worth a half day visit. Located on the South shore of Lake Garda, Sirmione is probably the most popular tourist destination on the lake. It is a beautiful old town located at the end of a small peninsula that towers about 4 km into Lake Garda. We got one of the early trips to Sirmione and I am glad we did as it got really busy during the day.

Day 7 | Tuesday 23rd April |

Our last full day in Lake Garda saw us heading outside Peschiera and head for a pre-paid tour to Venice with Aviator. Not our first time using this tour guided company, however today it was like all hell broke loose and we got a heavy rainy day. We thought the trip would be cancelled as weather had no intentions to get better but nope the show went on and off we went to Venice and just like Verona I will make a separate post on this day trip so stay tuned for that coming up soon 🙂

Something I found out is that Lake Garda is also well-known for the traditional Italian markets. These markets are really cool to roam around as you won’t just food market stalls, aromatherapy stalls and Apertivo stall but you can also buy Italian leather goods, pottery, tapestry, clothing and much more…

I highly recommend to try to visit at least one local market during your Lake Garda stay. We caught the Monday one since we were in Peschiera and just before we boarded the tragetto to head Sirmione.

Day 8 | Wednesday 24th April |

Flight back home was for early afternoon and our cab driver was to pick us up at 11.00am. So after breakfast we headed our for a lovely stroll around Peschiera for one last time.

Well that is all folks for the first part – promise the other two posts will be short! Thanks for hanging around x

Until next time,


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