Giveaway #4 | My biggest one to date | valued at €485

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

So finally the day I have been hinting about four month arrived! Last Thursday 27 June I launched my biggest #giveaway to date! Yes you saw the value right the whole giveaway is valued at €485.

The day after on the 28 June I also launched my first episode from my new Blog ‘Styled by Diva’ which you can catch here if you missed it. The idea of the giveaway is as a thank you to you all my lovely followers that have been loyal to me over the past 6+ years and also to introduce you a bit to the brands and individuals that I have been lucky to be working with thanks to my blog.

If you missed this giveaway here’s the Facebook link and Instagram link. Competition is running on both my social media platforms above but only one person will be chosen as winner.

The give is a complete makeover with my styling help and also it includes a manicure and pedicure from Nails Garden Malta, a hair appointment from Jackie Reyes Salon, a makeup session by Christa Sansone the Makeup Artist, a €150 voucher from Nilara and a professional photo shoot plus an intuitive eating and nutritional session by Road to Belle (Marisabelle Bonnici).

About the sponsors

Nails Garden Malta – Swieqi

Nails Garden is a fairly new salon in Malta since it opened it’s door in 2017 and is a specialized center for manicure, pedicure and nails care. I have met Elena about 6 months ago after winning a competition my and she has been since then taking care of my feet and I just love with home much care she does so 🙂 She manages to make me relax for an hour every time I visit her. So get ready to relax with this manicure and pedicure valued at €40.

Jackie Reyes Salon – San Gwann

Jackie Reyes Salon is also a fairly new salon since it opened it’s door at the end of 2018. At Jackie Reyes Salon once is sure to find a unique atmosphere together with years of experience in hairstyling and makeovers, inspired by the Latin way of managing your hair, treating it to bring out the best in you for every occasion.

The staff at the Salon is dedicated to keep up to date with the latest trends, techniques and products to ensure they provide you, exactly what you desire to complement your skin tones, by adding dimension, dramatic or subtle, and give body and shine to your hair. So be ready to be pampered and walk out of the salon feeling beautiful. Hair appointment valued at €70.

Christa Sansone the Makeup Artist

Christa is a CIBTEC Fashion and Photographic Make-up Artist and she has been doing my makeup for event for the past two years. As a person Christa is very humble and she explain thoroughly what she has in mind. I love working with her and I just love the way she manages to bring out my best features so get ready to be beautified for your special occasion. Makeup application is valued at €30.

Nilara – Paola

The brand Nilara does not need a lot of introduction since it has been on the island for the past 5 years. But just in case you did not know Nilara is a contemporary brand with a vast selection of collections include evening and casual together with bags and accessories. Nilara is one of the most popular evening wear companies in Malta. This voucher is valued at €150.

Road to Belle (Marisabelle Bonnici)

Marisabelle was a pharmacist by profession however recently she sold her pharmacy to pursue her passion for her blog where in it she deals with health issues including weight loss, skin care, depression, women’s health, and many other issues as well as other day to day considerations. She has also a passion for photograph and in fact she has just recently won the photographer of the year award of Malta Institute of Professional Photography Mipp. Marisabelle’s package is valued at €195.

So there you have it my lovelies a breakdown of all that you can win. Winner will also be met by myself and obviously give you the vouchers but also I will also come with you and help you style yourself.

As I said competition are running on both my Facebook page here and Instagram page here. I have added the links accordingly for you to enter on which platform you wish to. I hope you like this #giveaway and good luck to all.

Until next time,


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