Event Post #99| Heri Cosmetics| Summer Collection Launch

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Friday 26th July, a different kind of event took place at ‘Il-Bacino’, Birgu Waterfront a local makeup brand invited me and other social media influencers for the launch of their Summer collection.

I have been waiting to see this product ever since Heri Cosmetics was launched. I was super excited to see the products myself and they really do not disappoint like all their other products.

If you do not know of Heri Cosmetics by now (at least locally) then you must have been sleeping. Living on a small island, sometimes it is very difficult to focus on a your dreams and most importantly see them through.

To finance something of this sort is it very hard! However Henry did not discourage himself after having dropped out of school when he was 15, he got a full-time job and he knew than that he was going to put everything he had towards making my dreams a reality.

Not only did I work hard but I put EVERYTHING in this, all my savings, EVERYTHING, and this to deliver the message to everyone that you can dream BIG and achieve your goals.

All the necessary precautions where taken for all the products to be perfect and prior to website being launched this project was three years in the making, where the toughest was finding a laboratory. A lot of companies’ ask for a minimum order quantity like ten thousand items and Henry continued searching until he found a company which he could negotiate.

Ever since Heri Cosmetics was launched online in 2018 it boasts two beautiful eye shadow palettes and 13 liquid lipsticks and a few cool bundles too. Now today – yes today get on over to Heri Cosmetics to add one of these three beautiful highlighter shades Godly Glow, Gold Plated and Snow Rose Glow (my personal fave).

Huge congratulations goes to Heri Cosmetics on the launch of their latest new product and wish them all the best for the future 🙂

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