Ebay/Amazon/Joom Bargain Hunt #14 | My finds €40 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

It time for my fave (I hear it’s some some you guys too). It’s time for bargain hunt and for this month it’s not just eBay. Guys I discovered Joom and I am slightly obsessed. Today’s episode you are in for a long treat and there is a mixture of a lot of things in the likes of makeup, jewellery, accessories and more.  It is such a treat doing these small orders as when they start coming in it is just amazing 🙂

So let’s get started with this long one – so get comfy and enjoy 🙂


Popfeel Bb Cream Liquid Foundation (€2.30 + free postage)

This came as a recommendation from Dyna and you know that when she recommends it is the real deal and so hear we are. This is a good come as good as The Ordinary foundation since it is once of those foundation that just camouflages to your skin tone. Brillant right 🙂

Marble Cover with Pop Socket For Samsung S8  (€3.30 + free postage) 

I just love changing up my phone to make it look different so I am always on the look out for new covers. This one came as a package deal with the pop socket which is always great 🙂

Cross Multi Layer Pendant (€1.30 + free postage)

This one took quite a while to come but it got here safe at least and I just loved the layering of it 🙂 Top 🔝

Women’s Hair Accessories (Buy 3 + 1 Free) (€1.01 + free postage)

I have been searching far and wide for these and they are just perfect, in colour, style and quality!


Vivaki Boys 4-Piece Wedding Suit (€24.69 + €13.47 delivery)

My sister has already spoken highly of this company so I thought of giving it a go too and it was the easiest and funniest thing to do 🙂 Highly recommend it. everything came well packed and true to size. I sized up and only had to do small alterations.


Women Cat’s Eye Sunglasses (€1.53 + free postage)

Well you know me I have to have a ‘Joom’ sunglassess to add to my collection and this one looks really nice. I have to say all black shades are always a good idea.

Diamond Hair Band (€1.71 + free postage)

I got this purely because it looked so pretty on the picture. Might leave it for the ‘in case I have a cool occasion that I can wear this to’. No bank breaking here.

Dainty Heart Initial Necklace (€0.85 + free postage)

I have so many name initial necklaces now that I feel like I might be obsessed with them. Well used to dislike my name, guess after all these years I am finally embracing it and wearing it proudly around my neck initial and full 🙂 Of course needless sat these are costume jewellery and like all costume jewellery please avoid water and perfume and they will go black (green) quicker!

4.1 Earbuds Wireless (1 pair) (€1.71+ free postage)

Well overly excited moment here did not even see that it said 1 pair, as if I would I would have gotten two as this is a good deal. This earbud it really good and I it is the only thing I have been using lately.

Metal Large Earring Pendant (€0.85 + free postage) (came in damaged)Aw the first time I spotted on Joom and they came damaged. Might not show when I wear them but I know it is there and I will surely won’t feel good in them.

Hoop earrings (€1.00 + free postage)

Haha these have to be a staple in any hunt as I can never have too many hoop earrings not mentioning the fact that I always end up loosing one earring at every occasion I wear them and they never ever make their way back home!

Cleaning brush window with dustpan (€1.00 + free postage)

Random – Yes, Worth buying – Most definitely. I have have sliding windows, sliding door, sliding everything and I can never get all in the tiniest cracks of the sliding rail well now I can so it’s a win for me 🙂

Seashell Choker Necklace (small) (€1.00 + free postage)

Well jumped on the band wagon here and got me one of these cuties, so i add more dimension to my layering! Little did I know that I would be wearing it practically everyday! Love it!

Vintage Earrings Geometric Statement (€1.00 + free postage)

Tried my luck here with ordering these earrings again and I ordered them in two tones silver and rose gold. These turn up perfect. Smaller than the first pair I ordered but I kinda like these ones better 🙂

Eyebrow Peel Off Gel (€1.71 + free postage)

Well I tried this but it does not dry to the extent that you can peel it off. So I am using it as an eyebrow gel. I could be doing something wrong but then again I am scared to add more product as I fear I might not do a straight line around my actual brows and end up with a crocked looking brow! I will updated you though if I actually figure out that I was doing it wrong!

So the longest bargain haul is done and dusted and I hope you liked the items I picked up this time around:) All link should be currently active but do let me know if any links do not work so you so I find you another one.

Of course you are always welcome to send me in your hunts … would love to check them out 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,


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