Event Post #103| The Pink Magazine fabulous Tea Party

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

So last Saturday 28th September, saw me heading to a very anticipated (by moi) event organised by Pink Magazine namely the Pink Tea Garden. I was really hoping to be able to make it this amazing event and thanks to fellow blogger Road to Belle who managed to get me an invite.

The concept is just brilliant having so many local artisans and brands in the same place is just amazing to me! Stepping into the Farmer’s Deli at Villa Bologna was like being transported in this really cool place far away from the daily hustle and bustle and wherein you just get to be you – that is the you that likes the finest and pretty things 🙂 all at an arms length!

For those who have never been to The Pink Tea Garden before this event is is known for its atmosphere of well-being, healthy and organic. I love the feeling of walking around amongst some fantastic brands offering natural produce, yummy foods and drinks – all with one target and that of being eco-friendly. An atmosphere that was enjoyed by all of those to managed to make it the event and I was surely one of them.

I particularly enjoyed the talk happening whilst I was there. I heard Marisabelle from RoadtoBelle, talk about her intuitive eating programme which I found very interesting and I recommend checking them out here and also the talk held by Vanilla Mummy since she tackled some topics that as a mum are very realistic and true so her tips were very helpful.

Other things I enjoyed at the event were the tea talks and workshops, alternative medicines, organic perfumes, scented candles. Some of my favorites stands included the refreshing the lovely aromatic tea infused Procescco being served from the cutest van ever The Processco Van Malta – It was delicious! Another stand I had the pleasure to stop at was by The Malta Florist who was very beautiful set up and together with Stacey of My Melts and Marisabelle of Road to Belle, I was shown around all the lovely local flower product and bouquets that get this are all locally and organically grown! I was so happy when Charles who is the owner gifted to prettiest bouquet which totally made my day 🙂

The picnic care where the talks were being held were set up so pretty I fell in love with picnic blanket thrown around set up with beautiful picnic baskets by Big Mat and filled up with delicious food by Honey & Zest. There was also Genki for all the sushi lovers and yummy sweeties from Jo’s Delights.

But most of all this event was yet another great event where I could catch up with fellow bloggers and very happy people in general exchanging long conversations filled with prospective happenings and just mainly good vibes and it is just what I need after a week’s work!

Well done all those involved from Pink Magazine camp but mostly Fiona Galea Debono and Veronica Grech Sant, who together with all the sponsors made this beautiful event happen.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Photos belong to Pink Magazine and have been used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2019 Pink Magazine

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