Spotlight Series #23| Get to know Dre and Malcolm a little bit better

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If you like me missed the Androgyny by MC Fashion and DRE’ fashion show organised Sunday, 6th October, organised by local designers Malcolm Cremona and Dre Debattista but you might have caught up with the show pictures on Facebook, I am here to shed a little bit more light as to who exactly Malcolm and Dre are and what inspired the show! I LOVED it to bits and a huge well done boys!

I decided to get in touch with the boys and ask them if they would like to be featured of my little blog and they were super nice to accept.  If you have been following me for some time, you know that I did feature Malcolm in one of my posts back in during the New Designer’s show during Malta Fashion Week in 2016, Malcolm showcased some of his designs with qa collection titled ‘Walk to Talk’.

So who is Dre and who is Malcolm?

Andre : I describe myself as a very shy person, but fashion has always been something I liked and aspired to have in my life. It was through fashion that I found myself, and fashion helped me express myself better. The message I would send across is that it is fine to be different. I consider myself more of a stylist than a designer, but I wanted to give the designer thing a try, and it turns out it got a lot of positive feedback

Malcolm : Malcolm is a very kind hearted person who tries to help everyone. He has found a lot of closed doors when it comes to fashion but this has never stopped him in dreaming even bigger. I always want to improve my products with every collection I make.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer in your case and Dre’ you opted for a bag designer?What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer/bag creator?

Andre : Bags are something that I have always loved, in fact as many may know I collect bags myself. When I was younger I used to be afraid to wear certain kinds of bags because there were deemed fit for women, but as I grew older I realized that I can wear what i please. In fact I want to challenge this stereotype and created a brand for bags that is not gender specific.

Malcolm : Since a very young age I used to design clothes for dolls and always trying to create something new. The favourite part of being a designer is seeing the garments taking life when they are worn on a model. It gives me a boost of proudness

What inspires your designs?

Andre : I always want something original and different, something which it is not commonly seen, that is why I decided to go with various shaped bags

Malcolm : I wanted to create something that you do not find off the shelves. In fact, especially when it comes to man, different kinds of materials where used. Locally there is this mentality that men should only wear plain clothes however, in my collection, the same fabrics I used for women’s garments I also used for men. Trying to break the boundaries with Androgyny and believing that fashion has no gender.

How do you select the material you use?

Andre & Malcolm : When we go shopping for fabrics, I usually only have in mind a colour, i than get inspired by the different kinds of fabrics at the stores and see them in my head and decide there and than

Describe the feeling of a finished piece?

Andre : To be honest, when I finish a piece I completely fall in love with it, but after some days I keep re-thinking about it and doubting myself. In fact when it comes to that, it is thanks to Malcolm and my family that help me reassure myself about my work. However it feels amazing once you have amazing feedback from the public, especially being my first time.

Malcolm : The excitement begins when you find the perfect material which you would imagine your garments with.A finished piece than always inspires me to design and create the next garment which will compliment my collection.

Who is an ICON (in your opinion) both locally and internationally?

Andre : A local Icon for me would be Carina Camilleri. In all honesty, I love how she knows what a sense of style really is and does not care whether or not she is liked by anyone. I feel like she is just truly herself and she has never let anyone tell her otherwise. An International icon for me would be Rupaul Charles. It was probably through his show that I got to be inspired to be more myself and not let anyone else define me and as he always preaches “if you do not love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else” He has been so iconic from a very young age and have challenged boundaries all over the world.

Malcolm : Charles and Ron I feel like they are not only local icons but also international icons. I am always amazed by how they get inspired by Maltese patriotic things to create their amazing pieces. To top it all off they are super down to earth and friendly to everyone. An international Icon that I love is Ellen. She has an amazing personality because she is a genuine person who tries to help everyone as much as she can.

How do you see fashion in Malta?

Andre : I believe that a lot of people in Malta love fashion, however they tend to follow the masses and be just like everybody else. Also a lot of people frown upon others who look different than them and that is kind of laid back a little. This has improved significantly in the last few years. With that being said, I truly believe that there are so many local designer/stylists/and bloggers who have fashion at heart and I believe that everyone is so talented in their own way and I always love to follow such artistic and original people.

Malcolm : In the past 5 years fashion has increased a lot in Malta, and most of all its thanks to the fashion bloggers who try to break stereotypes. However, more work needs to be done to stop labeling other people depending on what they wear, and start wearing what they want rather than what other people want them to wear

What are your plans for the future?

Andre : I have a lot of ideas for future designs, and hopefully I will be able to produce another collection in the future.

Malcolm : My aim is to pass on the message that fashion has no gender, and in the future I am aiming to open up my own shop.

Last and most importantly what is one to do if they wish to purchase off your Androgyny collection?

Andre & Malcolm : If anyone wishes to purchase any of our bags/garments s all they have to do is contact us via out FB page and communicate with us. The bags and the garments can also be done custom made depending on the clients needs, material wise.

It was such a great pleasure getting to know Malcolm and Dre’ a little bit better, she they are so sweet and I do hope we will get to see another collection from them.

Until next time,


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