BTS #7 | ‘The Butterfly Collection’ Gaetano’s New Collection – A tribute to Mariah Carey

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Hold on tight and make sure save the date because it is all happening on Saturday 9 November and we are in for a treat because Gaetano is back and will be revealing his new collection in slightly different form from that of the usual runway show.

Now if you know who Gaetano is, then you know that he is majorly inspired by music rather than fashion itself! Music is his life and he then translates it into beautiful pieces. So in my mind it stands to reason that his new collection bearing the name of ‘The Butterfly Collection’ is inspired by the all time favourite singer and icon Mariah Carey!

So of course you know it, I a curios cat and I went to pester Gaetano (don’t worry he loves me!) to get a little bit of more information and exclusive details about his new collection 🙂 He was not giving much 😦 however here is what went down during the interview.

As an avid 90’s fan myself, I was obsessed with Butterfly the sixth album by Mariah Carey released in 1997 … but what inspired you to name your collection ‘The Butterfly Collection’?

As all of you know my biggest idol is Mariah and this tribute has been long on my mind and a long time coming. I have always wanted to do something related to her and totally different from any of my previous collections; doe instance for Divas I was inspired by female singers or legacies inspired by female icons.

Whilst for this collection I focused on showing Mariah’s grand persona, her deep lyrics that everyone connects to being it emotions or passion. I went beyond her ‘Diva’ status and for the collection I was not only inspired by ‘Mariah’, but mostly by her as a hit maker, a mother, a singer, a songwriter, a producer, an actress, a diva , a living legend, an icon to pop culture but mostly as a human. So get ready to spread your wings and fly with the stars, the glitter and the hits that made Mariah the legend she is today!

There are approximately 17,000 different species of Butterflies which means lots and lots of colours? How did you translate this in your designs?

Apart from the actual butterfly the collection is focused more on my tribute to Mariah and the name “Butterfly” not only refers to her sixth album; it’s also a symbol that is synonymous with her. For you that do not know the song “Butterfly” became Carey’s  “favorite and most heartfelt ballad”. Its lyrics were very personal, linking to Carey’s personal life and relationship with then divorced husband Mottola. Carey wrote “Butterfly” for Mottola, hoping he would say its contents to her, and choose to do what was best for her.

However yes, in this new collection definitely I am also inspired by the butterfly itself specifically the stages it goes through in life till it’s actually reborn. So in a nutshell yes you can expect colours in this collection 🙂 but for me it was important to translate my style and blend it with Mariah’s style!

Is it important that your clothes reflect the origins of the collection?

I think it is always important that the designs you do reflect what the collection is all about.

Does that ever inhibit your creative process?

There is always some kind of doubt or voices in your head telling you ‘don’t do that or don’t do this’ but at the end of the day you have to trust your gut feeling and do what you think is risky and outside of your comfort zone.

I heard that this will be a somewhat different type of show, what are we to expect differently?

It is a new collection yes but it is also a tribute to Mariah Carey, so apart from full on glamour, you really cannot do a tribute to a singer without music, so there will be singers performing some of her hits but I cannot really spill all the T!!!!

Are there moments when you are in conflict with your own taste?

I think that once you are happy with what you do and when you work with love and passion there cannot be any conflict within yourself and your taste. My style is full on glam, I like to do old school beading, handwork, appliques, all things shiny and glittery and although some may think it’s too much that is what represent me as a designer.

Talk me through your new designs process. When do you know a design is complete?

On this particular collection there was a lot of research and brain storming, since I wanted to keep it true to who I am as a designer but at the same time true to the Mariah herself. So I first to do the base of the designs, by that I mean the structure of the dress, I follow that with hand beading work and so on and so forth. By the end of the day, I think that the design is complete; then the model comes for fittings and something else pops in my mind and I add to it and it keeps on going like that! I know a design is truly finished when it hits the runway and you see that the vision in your mind has become a reality!

I don’t know about you guys but I am super super excited for this show. I know I say this for all the shows I attend especially the ones by Gaetano but I have this feeling that this event is going to be a game changer in the way we see a fashion show and I am here for it so hit be with all the beauty and just really roll on 9th November 🙂

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