Event Post 106 | The Butterfly Collection by Haus by Gaetano

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Well here I am finally feeling much more better and catching up with the back-log of things that I had to sort out.

Also FINALLY I am here to report what went down during the much anticipated show by renowned local designer Gaeatano Busutil of Haus of Gaetano and the launch of his latest collection which finally was revealed on Saturday 9th November at his beloved hometown of Hamrun during the now annual Culture and Fashion Fest.

Needless to say the turnout was astounding – locals, influencers and clients alike flocked to Hamrun to witness the reveal of Gaetano’s lastest work.  I was given to task as I was appointed the official blogger for the event which I was super excited about and if you caught my interview of a few weeks ago you might have seen some sneak peaks too – if you missed it you can see it here!

I was so excited for the show and I could not believe my luck when half way through that Saturday afternoon I have a spike in fever – I was feeling unwell and really in pain when I woke up that morning but when the fever hit me that afternoon I was devastated but there was no way I was gonna let that, stop me, so I got up started getting ready and made my way to Hamrun as I wanted to capture some backstage momemts which are always exciting to watch as you can then start to picture where the mood of the show would take you.  By the time I was talking to the hair and makeup team and even to the model themselves I was feeling body aches much more intense and I knew my fever was far from gone 😦

BUT THE SHOW MUST HAD TO GO ON and despite the freezing temperature of the night I made it through. and I it did and I thank God that I managed to survive the show and watch it from beginning to end!


WHAT A SPECTACLE! From the interview that I had with Gaetano, he hinted that it was going to be a show like nothing we ever seen or has been done here in Malta and it was quite a welcoming show to see the entertainging 1 hour show. 

Now if you are not that much of a Mariah Carey fan you might not like the choice of music however, putting that aside it was a brilliant and well executed show. It started off with Gaetano’s  favourite local singer Claudia Faniello giving a beautiful rendition of  It’s Like That wearing the most exquisite stage totally ‘Mariah’ inspired outfit.

We then witnessed wjat I woudl call a teaser of what to come with some very daring pieces that caught every one’s attention. The show continued with some more cover songs by Mariah sang beautifully by Miriana Conte, Jade Vella and Jahel Cardona, Miriam Christine Borg and the one cover that broke everyone to tears sang by Sebestian Calleja, Vanessa Sultana and Daniel Muscat Caruana who broke our hearts with ‘One Sweet Day’ …. just wow!!! Mesmerizing performances!!


After the tears were wiped away the whole collection was showcased and what can I say one stunning piece after another. True to his believes Gaetano gave us sexy, figure hugging and beautiful gowns and show-stopping garments. He gave us beautiful transgender models with never ending legs, he gaves skinny together with plump models and he gave us all a dream piece to which we all agreed we have to own.

For Gaetano there is no trend following but more of designing what your hands want to create, holding on to the vision of the pieces and executing them to the best of your abilities making each dress unique and just stunning.

Well done dearest Gaetano, I have to say that to me you are more of a brother since of the past 5 years we have grown closer and closer, you always stood for what you beleive and through your growth and hard earned fame you remained humble because like many of us you never had anything but made a business out of it with your clientele always getting the best treatment they deserve.

Yet again my dearest Gaetano, you managed to make each and every model look like a princess and that is your super power you make women of all ages, sizes and form feel totally deserving to look good.

Cheers to another successful show and another toast to many more years of you and well deserved success.

One last mention goes to Stephanie Micallef and Bernard Gellel for the beautiful makeup and to Blanche Mizzi and Susan Borg Lebrun for hair-styling.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Post belong to Alana Bondin of Alana Photography, Nat Attard of Nat Photography and De Carlo Photography amd have been sent to me to be used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2019 Alana Phootography, Nat Photograph and De Carlo

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