Event Post #108 |The PINK Fashion Show F/W 2K19

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Ahh Thursday 5th December could not come any faster – I was eagerly awaiting the yearly Pink Fashion Show and this time around I was a tad more excited that on other occasions.

We all are accustomed with the fact the Pink Magazine always chooses THE nicest location but hands down this has to be by far the best one chosen (or at least for me). As a little girl I was obsessed with this place and I finally got to walk into it – thanks to the Pink fashion Show and and the place is none other than The Rialto, a building from the 1950’s that closed down as a movie theatre some 40 years ago.

Sadly the Rialto cinema has not seen this much action in decades now, however 2019 was all about to change and that is thanks to The Pink Fashion Show. The whole movie theatre back glamorous life concept was nailed down to the T.

The backdrop was fantastic and I was there for it all and I loved every minute of it. The looks from all the brands on the catwalk were simply great and styled to perfections 🙂

All the brands were that were showcased were local designer Luke Azzopardi with his Ready-to-Wear; Vascas; Cortefiel; O’hea Opticians; Calzedonia; Darmanin Footwear; Women’secret; Marks and Spencer; Pedro Del Hierro; Debenhams and Oasis. The thirty models were made up by Guerlain and styled to look like modern-day screen sirens, with a nod to the 1950s, by Nev Hair Salon and Alberto Spiteri at Niumee.

Will be definitely checking out all the looks 🙂

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Disclaimer : Post belong to Mark Soler Photography and Justin Ciappara Photography and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2019 Mark Soler Photography & JCiappara Photography

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