A little heart to heart #12 | Why in Malta Micro Influencers are invisible?

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

First off let me excuse myself for being absent for the last few weeks but the new decade decided to test me, however I am alive and healthy so I live to fight it all and that is what I am doing.

With that being said this Blog here is an extension of who I am and I have to keep fighting for who I am and what I love doing!

Sp for my first post in this new decade who is by far from a jolly, I need you to know that this post has been on my mind for the past 12 months and before I spoke up I wanted to do my own groundwork and here’s me letting you know all about in order to get it off my chest.

First, off you should know where this post is coming from. I have for the majority of last year been sending emails and reaching out to various companies covering different spectrums that I cater for within my niche of followers. I put together a very good working proposal making sure even my charging rate is within the 1% amount of my total amount of followers on both my main social platforms) and yes I do have a team of people willing to help give the client a great outcome regardless of my poor following. My client incoming and outgoing needs to get the best service! Notwithstanding the fact that Malta is a small island and there are quite a good number of influencers on this tiny island – I was really hoping that a few brands would give me the time of day or at least acknowledge my letter! Alas to date only 2/3 brands reached out and to whom – they already know – I am very grateful!

However, I do not know if it a matter that they feel I am not good enough or not approachable or don’t have enough following or any other reason whatsoever but it would be a totally different approach if they got to know me – Caroline – as a person – they would know that I take pride in doing everything very diligently and I work hard especially for something I absolutely love and being a blogger is something I honestly LOVE doing … It is a bit of a let down when you reach out and do not get any reply back. My followers know that I reply immediately to any of their queries and that is because I want to make sure that they know that I am always around. A brand should do the same especially if this is the market they are using as a form to advertise the product!

For the ones out there who want to become an influencer rather than a blogger, I would say that with a good pinch of luck, drive, and a good sense of self-knowledge the answer would be “yes” – go for it – it is stressful and demanding but ultimately very rewarding.

With worldwide statistics stating that 59% of 18-29 years old using Instagram, there’s a true potential audience of millions for anyone producing content that people want to engage with but it have to be authentic and nothing made up.

The way it works the influencer asks that their followers buy into their personalities first, and the brands they’re associated with comes next. Influencers move in different circles to conventional celebrities. The whole appeal of the influencer is that they are just like us – only more polished. This down-to-earth charm means that engagement levels on their social profiles are high. Comments are usually replied to, and recommendations are taken seriously. Influencer marketing uses this community relationship in a mutually beneficial way. The brand markets better, while the customer gets content on their Instagram feed they find much more appealing and easier accessible than a conventional advert.

It’s definitely a matter of quality over quantity when it comes to followers. The reliability, trust and cool-factor of many influencers are due to a smaller following that feels exclusive.

A great business model that companies should look into, is to invest into the micro-influencer market because it it TRULY EVERYTHING. Packaging is designed to be Instagram-able. It is of utmost important to be aware of the power of social media in terms of micro-influences. These people are household names are more and more aware of what is going on out there when conveying the marketed message to the niche.

Influencer marketing can almost seem paradoxical – audiences want both authenticity and flawlessness. But is it sustainable to expect both of these things? It could be said that the reason this form of advertising works is the followers’ not being aware as to what goes on behind the scenes. The micro-influence make it their number 1 priority not to exploit their followers because their followers are the dynamic that if not taken care of it will erode as quickly as it appeared, hence they play by the rules.

The trust that can form between an Blogger/Influencer and their followers is the stuff of the advertising industry’s dreams. In this instance from my experience I have come up with these tips to help your brand make the most of this relationship while avoiding any potential faux-pas.

1.A smaller number of engaged followers is better than large number of people who won’t care about your brand. Working with smaller influencers will also help cut costs.

2. Give the influencer creative freedom-they know their audience. Scripted captions and uncharacteristic over enthusiasm can turn followers away.

3. Keep your packaging and design social media friendly. This will encourage ‘micro-influencers’ to promote your brand at no cost to you.

4. Make sure the influencers you choose to work with are appropriate for the image you’re trying to promote. Sponsored content should fit seamlessly into their social media profile.

5. Do your research. Does your influencer have a good reputation, or might they bring negative connotations to your brand?

6. A long-term relationship with your influencer will be much more effective than a one-time deal. Going further than sponsored posts, in product collaboration for example, is a great way to get across that the influencer really believes in your brand.

Do not come at me cause I know that I am being repetitive but I truly hope that this time this post will get somewhere, as I really hope that micro influencers here in Malta are given the same opportunities as the macro influencers or at the very least given a chance to prove that yes a micro influencer can do it all if not more as we are very selective and persistent!

Until next time,


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