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I am super happy to be sharing with you today this post today which is sponsored by Casmara Malta. It’s been long coming and I had to check how long it has been since my last beauty treatment and it has been over 3 years which is a lot but I honestly thought it was over 5 years ago! having said that as you all know I do take great care for my skin, however, every so often a deep cleanse is necessary to unclog all those impurities.

So let me take you with me on this fantastic pampering session that was truly amazing. As you might know I already had a chat with Alison agent and trained therapist with Casmara Malta which you can catch here if you missed it 🙂

On the day of the appointment, Alison and I had a chat so we can evaluate which best treatment for me. Together, we opted for the Skin Sensations Treatment which is a complete facial treatment which provides all the essential elements for the proper functioning of the skin (water, minerals and vitamins A, C & E to name a few). This product is particularly suitable for all skin types that need a revitalizing effect especially for sensitive and delicate skins.

The Skin sensations treatments in 6 steps in total. So let’s breakdown the steps:


This unique cleaning phase starts off with a melt on the skin gel that when applied to the face transforms into an ultra-smooth oil that removes all impurities in the most delicate way. Some water is then added that transforms the product into a milky emulsion that finally cleanses the skin profoundly providing a sensation of freshness and well-being. The product is applied gently to the face and neck with slow fingertips motions, continuing message with gentle movements until the texture of the product becomes more fluid turning into an oily consistency. With same fingertips movements, the massage moves into circular movements for a few minutes to aid product to turn into a milky emulation indicating that the cleanse phase was done well. Here is when a gentle peeling effect is achieved which is then removed gently with a dampened cloth and rinse well.


The Cinnamon Mask is not part of the Skin Sensations treatment however, this exclusive and innovative mask acts by producing hyperemia on the skin that favours the regeneration of collagen and elastin tissues improving the reaffirmation of the facial skin. The Cinnamon Mask activates the skin
and enhances the amount of nutrients and oxygen to cells, reactivating them and rejuvenating the skin from the inside. Thanks to its composition in seaweed that rich in trace elements, the Cinnamon Mask moisturizes deeply and can be used with any Casmara treatment to help with deeper penetration of steps that follow.


The second tube of the Skin Sensations Treatment contains ingredients including Oligogeline and Ellagi-c, that stimulates the absorption mechanisms and makes the most of the active ingredients relevant for this phase and those to be applied after. The former is an active ingredient extracted from red seaweed that has gentle mineralising effects providing calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous. The latter is an ecological extract from the bark of an African tree which is very rich in providing Vitamin C, and type V1 collagen.

Both ingredients together will provide a ‘second sl\kin’ to your face during the treatment that improves absorption and penetration of all the properties contained in the tube. Product is applied to the face with a massage until completely absorbed and very beneficial to use a thoroughly massaging tool which felt absolutely amazing! I believe Alison here use the Nurse Jamie uplifting beauty roller.


This tub is formulated from a base obtained from Fucus seaweed which has demulcent and soothing properties which are great on sensitive and reactive skins, in fact, it could be considered almost as a hyaluronic acid with a marine origin. It contains an active ingredient derived from Manganese which has been joined to a molecule to facilitate its penetration. This active ingredient imitates the activity of those highly important enzymes that defend the body from the free radical attacks.

The product is massaged in the skin for about 10 minutes or until the product is fully absorbed.


This product comes in a fluid emulsion texture which is rich in active ingredients for like mineral and proteins but also has Trace Oat Protein Complex®, the most interesting and active mineral and trace element for the skin and this active ingredient has been specifically created for CASMARA.

This product has multiple functions it acts as a moisturiser, anti-wrinkle and calming. For all of these reasons, it is an oil-based product that is highly recommendable for sensitive skins. It is applied with a penetrating massage until completely absorbed into the skin.


OMG, the Gold Mask – this was the part I was most looking forward to 🙂 The mask presents various exclusive properties because of the 24 karat gold dust that it contains. It is also mineralising because of the provision of magnesium, calcium and sodium which are essential elements that the skin need to maintain its optimum condition and moisturising effect.

The gold dust of the mask induces the incorporation of mineral nutrients to the skin that at the same time reduces cutaneous flaccidity and possesses antioxidant properties impeding the accumulation of free radical as well as reinforcing the protective barrier of the skin protecting it from external aggression. The magnesium in the mask improves the permeability of the epidermal barrier, the calcium modulates the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes and the sodium together with the potassium regulates water balance in the tissues.

The product comes in two sachets, the first is the Gel and the 2nd is the Powder and both contents are emptied in a bowl. Using a spatula both products are stirring well together to form a smooth gold paste. With the same spatula, the paste is applied on the face thoroughly covering eyes and lips. Mask is then left to do it’s magic for about 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up the mask can be peeled off in one piece.

Finally, the treatment is finished off with tub number six which is the sealing moisturizer after the Gold Mask. The great part is that the mask can be re-used for another two times. In fact, I took it home in a sealed pouch and it lies in my fridge as I am writing this waiting for me to re-use it over the weekend.

To sum up my experience, as well as having a great facial I also had a brilliant morning, Alsion was lovely and she was so helpful in explaining everything step by step.  In my mind, I am planning that it won’t take me another 3 years to get another treatment done because we do truly deserved to be pampered!

If you like me are due a well-deserved facial I highly recommend trying the Casmara facials and I promise you will not be disappointed.

A deep heart felt thank you goes to Alison for making me relax and thoroughly enjoy this pamper session and to Belle for coming along to capture it on camera. Thank you both so much!

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Photography and Videography by Roadtobelle

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