I’m Trending #30 | Crochet Lovin’ for S/S 2020

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I am liking the Poll feedback on Instagram – sometimes they shift my perspective and guide me towards something that I was missing. So whne asked if you guys would be interested in a Trending Post and you guys loved the idea.

So when I started researching this article, I must say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find that something I thought I’d write about was indeed covered at the recent runway show … So today’s trending item is none other than crochet!  I saw that designers from Valentino to Dior are jumping on this trend by their hooks and how rightly exciting is this?! I don’t know about you guys but crocheters around the world are doing a happy dance right now and so am I.

In this post, I will show you all the trending colours, colour tools, mood boards, wares, and inspiration to make 2020’s the year of crochet a success for your for you!

Crochet Dresses

The dresses on the runway are certainly cute, stylish, and interesting.  I say interesting because I loved seeing new and creative designs to move away from the fact that some might think that this is a granny fashion item. These styles do not disappoint and definitely not your grandmother’s crochet since designers where making use of colorful designs.

Crochet Pants & Shorts

In 2020, crochet long pants are fun, funky, airy, and free-flowing and jumpsuits are back!  The best trend of the ’70s and I for one am always happy to see in trend. 

Crochet Accessories

Crochet accessories quite probably are my favorite thing.  They work up fast to elevate a look and you’ll probably recognize some of these stitches too. 

Crochet Crop Tops

Did crochet crop tops ever go out of style?    However this seasons runway crochet tops are much more bolder, chunkier, and fun.

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Disclaimer : Photography Official Runway Show photography

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