Hello! Big puffy sleeve S/S 2020 | I’m Trending #31

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I think we can all agree that, so far 2020 has been weird, frustrating, and while nothing’s certain, I think we’re all in favor of hoping this whole COVID-19 thing won’t affect any longer now that summer is only 15 days away. With that in mind, let’s all distract ourselves with some pretty summer 2020 fashion trends!

Following my poll on Instagram this trend was the one chosen and I have to agree with all of those who voted.


To be fair on everyone the puffy sleeve has seen it’s subtle revival last year, however there was not much of an impact then, but in this upcoming season the trend makes it’s way – both mentally and physically – towards our wardrobes. Whether the puff is focused on the shoulder, or more gradual down your arm, we already can’t get enough of the puff.

So the puffy sleeve in 2020 will mainly be seen with dresses or  blouses. More often than not done in more transparent fabrics and sometimes cropped. I’d say blouses with puffy sleeves might be the most common version of this trend, since we are seeing them popping a bit everywhere and often done in colors such as black, pink or white. I think what’s great with the puffy sleeves are their voluminous style, which adds a statement to any outfit.

In my opinion, this trend is great on so many levels. It’s glam, it’s a styling challenge and it’s a bit playful. Might I add that like many of the others trends that have emerged the past seasons, is definitely one from the loved/hated 1980s, but done in a more contemporary style – don’t you think?

Until next trend,

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