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Oh my my how have I missed getting up in here and writing something that makes my heart burst with happiness …. #blamecovid but here we are finally and super happy to write about the launch of something NEW and I believe never done locally!!!

Pretty much sure you got it from the title but yes Haus of Gaetano is coming out with a brand new collection in the coming weeks but behold there is a plot twist since this new collection is all about girls from the age of 3 to 13!

In case you missed the prequel of what has Gaetano been up to then I suggest you go check out his interview here and then come back here and continue reading a bit more as you know me, I need to get more answers for all the questions that started popping in my mind so I got chatting to Gaetano to try and get as many answers as possible!!!!


This collection I worked totally out of my comfort zone as usually I go for a sexy or provocative look but with kids its a totally different story!

The main inspiration behind the whole Marie Antoinette is my niece we are very close and we make fun of each other by inventing nicknames for each other and one of her nicknames is Marie Antoinette because of her curly hair.

I also had a lot of help from Joanne Farrugia in this collection we worked hand in hand and created the whole concept.


How come the change in models for this collection?
For me, it was a big change as most of the time I work with adults, not children but it was a fun experience, and the children were very well prepared by Joanne Farrugia for the photoshoot and filming.

What was the inspiration for the collection?
The main inspiration for this collection is my niece.

Why did you choose to make a collection for children?
Normally I so more sexy and provocative clothes for women I think it’s important as a designer that sometimes you step out of our comfort zone and challenge yourself to something completely different.

The beauty of customised designs

What are the motivations or inspirations behind the designs?
As I said before my niece when I was designing and doing the dresses she was always in mind and obviously, there’s Joanne Farrugia who’s not just a great modeling mentor but she helped me with the whole concept.

With the collection titled Marie Antionette, I am curious, I know that the actual Marie Antionette did not inspire you, however, did the decade she lived in inspire the designs, or is it something else?
Hahaha no, the “real” Marie Antoinette has nothing to do with the actual collection, I and my niece are very close and we always call each other nicknames and one of my favorite nicknames to call her is Marie Antoinette.. although I’m obsessed with the past monarchy and the Versailles era, however, this collection has nothing to do with that.

How does your design process differ when designing for girls vs women?
It was a challenge as I had children from 4yrs to 14yrs and you have to make sure that you keep children as children and not try to make them look like an episode from Toddlers and Tiaras! There are some looks that are mother and daughter and it was actually fun doing something that is different from what I’m usually known for but still keeps them true to my brand.

Is there a particular design in this collection that you are really excited about?
I love them all they’re all cute.

As a Mum of a boy do you see yourself doing some items for boys in the future?
Men and boys stuff are not really my thing but! No is a word I hate to use so never say never!

So there you have you heard all the latest details here and boy I have to say I am excited even though I do not have a little girl I am surely eager to see what the whole collection looks like. Stay tuned for the reveil happening this weekend 🙂

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