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Mid-September could not comse soon enough. I had been waiting for it since last April for the fact that I was eagerly awaiting a few days off. Anyways it was well worth the wait ๐Ÿ™‚ Gozo is beautiful any time of year so needless to say it was a brilliant #staycation.

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Like many all over the work we have had to cancel our holiday plans because of coronavirus, meaning that the tourism industry has taken a massive hit. I have always been a big fan of holidaying locally especially when the funds are not that much and I have set out some of the benefits of a staycation and why you should consider one – and not just during this pandemic.


A staycation is when you holiday in your own country, it can even be time spent at home but since our Maltese Islands are small and pretty sure we pretty much cover most iconic places over the year so the best choice is our sister island Gozo.

There can be several benefits to holidaying in Gozo and whilst the lure of Itay or France might be too much for some to resist -particularly after several weeks of lockdown โ€“ we have a whole host of spectacular places right here in the Maltese Islands which are just calling out to be explored and enjoyed.


Iโ€™m all about supporting the local economy and whilst you could potentially do this whilst being abroad, putting money back into the local economy is much better!

You can support the economy by eating out at local cafes, bars or restaurants. If you are self catering then choose to shop at farm shops or local producers rather than doing your full shop at the supermarket! You can even choose to stay at boutique hotels or independently owned holiday farmhouses/villas rather than go for the chain companies.

Donโ€™t forget โ€“ every purchase you make from a small or independent business, the owner does a happy dance!


Well Wednesday September 16th could not come fast enough. This trip like many other this year was planned for April but you know COVID decided otherwise for us. However, it was just as well – it was a well awaited trip. If you are not aware I had won this stay through a Facebook competion DeReday Holiday Homes . On the day we chose they booked for us The Dwejra Villa and I was looking forward to get to Gharb. Around 2.30pm I made my way to Cirkewwa where we managed to get on the 3.45 ferry which was right on scheduled and as planned ๐Ÿ™‚ Thirty minutes later we were on our way to Gharb – however on the way the pit stopped at Lidl to buy all the necessities we would be needing for the next 4days! Around 5.30pm we arrived at Gharb and to our lovely Dwejra Villa and we were all left speechless! Honestly, luggages dropped at the entrance and we could not wait to go explore the place!

DeReday Gozo Homes - Home | Facebook

If you missed my stories of our time in Gozo you can check my Instagram here and specically my highlights here as I did a house tour ๐Ÿ™‚ Villa is situated in a dead end alley so it is absolutely and utterly very quiet ๐Ÿ™‚ Once insde the villa at ground flour level on the left there is the first bathroom with a showever and a washing machine facilty and right infront of said bathroom you will find the first bedroom with two single beds. After that you enter the living area with a big open plan area which leads you to the dining and kitcen area.

The living area has a sofa where you can relax and watch your favourite Netflix shows on the 50-inch Smart TV. The fully equipped kitchen and dining room overlook and lead to the pool deck.

A stone staircase takes you to the first floor which houses a further three bedrooms, one en-suite shower and main bathroom. All bedrooms are air-conditioned (coin meter), with the master bedroom which I got to sleep in since I won the stay (hehe) has a nice balcony where you can sit out and have your morning over or nightcap.

The pool deck is not huge but space is maximised with a stone barbecue, a large dining table and sun loungers. The infinity pool is a pleasure to use and you can float in it for countless hours and marvel at the view. The area is extremely calm and relaxed and a nighttime barbecue – however in our case we could not make to happen due to the enermous amount of beetles that invaded the islands!

The villa is right on the outskirts of Gharb. Of course, this being Gozo, you are never far away from anything. Grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants are all a short drive away.


Of course this was meant to be a relaxing holiday so we did not jam pack our days as we wanted to relax and just be able to enjoy the time together as a family however there are certain stops in Gozo that are a must at least for us. First off on our first full day we headed to Ta’ Pinu National Shrine. I love to visit this santuary as for some reason I feel so much at peace there and I open up a lot to our Lady and I pray like I never do and this years’ prayers were very heartfelt like I have ever done before!

After Ta’ Pinu it was time for our favourite second place hence we made our way to Citadella – Gozo’s old part of the capital city – to enjoy the wonderful bastions and history not to mention the majestic views. Needless to say soon enough it was lunch time and what better way to end a morning of sighseeing then to stop at St. Georges Square and have a nice and delicious lunch! There are a few lovely place in said square – we opted for Tepie’s and we loved every minute of the delicious lunch. After which he headed back to the Villa to enjoy some pool time, wine, processco and dips ๐Ÿ™‚

The next day I wanted to tick off my list with two places ‘never seen in Gozo’ the Tal-Mixta Cave and Wied il-Mielah. I loved and enjoyed the experience of driving towards these two amazing locations. It was the first time for me on my own using the GPS and not getting lost!!! Loved the experience! Both places are magical and worth a visit. The day we went it was very windy and maybe we did not experience them the way they should but totally do not regret visiting and will be visiting for sure next time we are in Gozo which hopefully won’t be that far away ๐Ÿ™‚

This was truly a great morning/afternoon after which we headed back to the villa for some more pool time for the kiddos. I opted to rest up a bit as in the evening we had booked dinner in Gharb who despite being a small towns offer some lovely and good restaurants! We opted for Gharb Rangers Bar & Restaurant because it has a nice roof terrace with amazing views, however we were informed that that Saturday all the restaurants in the area where doing like a street party with music and entertainment which turned out to be a fun night out with good food and drinks ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess the terrance will have to wait for my next Gozo visit.

Of course you cannot go to Gozo and not go shopping right. Don’t know why but I feel that it is way much more theraputic in Gozo then in Malta – could be cause all the good shops are all situated in Rabat so you go in find a parking spot and then just walk around shop to shop, mall to mall, grab a bite at McDs or Mojo’s and continue a few more shopping and finish off the day at Villa Rundle for a nice stroll ๐Ÿ™‚ [Of which I have no photos to share as I was enjoying the time with my parents and kiddo that I totally missed on snapping some memories :/ oh well – next time!!!]

In the evening went to Qala with my parents and kiddo to listen to mass. Mum wanted to buy some pictures of our Lady Immaculate Conception and say a prayer! After that we headed to Nadur for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday morning saw us waking up a bit early to finalise on the last minute packing as we had to check out by 10am. We headed out to Xlendi for the last meal which we opted for breakfast at Moby Dick in Xlendi.

Anyways that is it for my #staycation in Gozo for 2k20. I truly had a great time and it was awesome to cut loose for just a few days from the realities I am living in these days!

Until next time Gozo,

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