2020 Local businesses Christmas Gift Guide | Christmas #wishlist Part 2

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Hey hey hey so very greateful for the lvoely feedback I got from Part 1 – so here we are for the second part of the Gift Guides featuring exclusively local companies and small businesses. Cannot stress enough how important it is that during these difficult times we are going through we do our utmost to help and support local businesses that way we would be helping them come through these hard time a little bit stronger. It is surely a weird and a difficult time for many. Money is not necissarly in plenty however if we intend to spend a certain amount of money why not use it locally. Behind every business there is a family too so let’s empower and help each other.

So lets get started with Part 2 of Diva Inside 2020 Christmas Gift Guide in hopes to simplify your Christmas shopping this year and make gift-giving more personal, thoughtful, and less stressful! Here you will find a carefully curated selection of the gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Happy shopping, my lovelies!


I have to admit this shop was my go to shop when I worked in Valletta. I shopped for me personally and I even got some amazing gift here that are still loved to this date by those that received them. If you are looking for original, trendy and affordable gift then Zsa Zsa is your shop.

Named after the glamorous and notorious Zsazsa Gabor, ZSAZSA’s popularity has spread due to the unique range of costume jewellery and accessories for all occasions. Each item in their collection of quality costume jewellery designs is carefully handpicked and displayed.

From classic to avant-garde, from elaborate to minimalist, from cheap to luxury … one is sure to find that special piece to tickle one’s tastes! Visit their shop or shop on line here !


Calling all Beauty Lovers here you are going to love these gifts. Whether as a treat to for yourself or a friend or a Secret Santa Belle Lash is your treat! Belle Lash is a local lash brand which is available online and offers free postage around Malta and Gozo.

Their lashes are handcrafted with flexible band and are comfortable to be worn all day and night ! They are made from soft synthetic fibre and all products are Cruelty Free!

They have also recently created and launched The Special Liner that is an Eyeliner that you apply and then you stick your lashes on – how cool is that. So you don’t need any glue or magnetic to apply your lashes.

Also this year they have made the Christmas Collection which in my humble opinion is not to be missed. Shop on line here via websiteFacebook or Instagram and get your lashes on this festive season even if you will be partying it home with the family – glamourous is the WORD for this SEASON!

scented jewellery

We all have our favourite scents right either for our perfumes or for our melts now you can also have your favourite scent on Jewellery. Isn’t this a great idea. Scented jewellery is a local brand and they have very stylish handcrafted jewellery which can be used as a diffuser for your essential oils. Just put a few drops on our jewellery pieces and you can carry your favorite aromas with you all day long. Get in touch with Scented Jewellery through their Facebook page here or Instagram here.

Also Scented Jewellery together with other local artisans have launched ‘Il-Kaxxa Tal-Milied ‘ which is available here now! This makes the perfect idea if you are you looking for that special gift handmade with love!!! A total of eight artisans have come together and joined forces to offer you a special and unique gift this Christmas. Choose your box from here or contact for more information


Aahhh I am totally obsessed with this work infact I got me a little little something for my current temporary home and eventually my future home. At Ganċ they make personalised crochet products which can be custom made to your specifications.

There is so much one can choose and make and you can order anything you see on the page or you can decide to customise it to give it a personal touch. It is so easy to get the order in just message them here to make your gifts personal and extra special with Ganċ.

Fast service I can vouch for and very efficient 🙂 Kindly check them out and get in touch with them through Facebook here and Instagram here.

So there you go my lovelies this rounds up Part 2 of the Christmas Gift Guide … I am hoping that I managed to gather a few more business in order to make Part 3 and be able to showcase more local business so stay Tuned for more gift ideas coming your way. Also, if you know of someone who would be a perfect fit for this post let them know to get in touch with me on my email address

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