Good Riddance 2020

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome finally back to my Blog! I missed saying this to you guys but like everything else, my little happy place here had a bit of a break with not much to write about, but alas here I am, jotting my last entry for THE year that took us all by surprise, to say the least!

Like many of you, God, I have so many mixed feelings about how my 2020 went mainly because 2020 felt like the worst roller coaster ride EVER for me! Cannot deny that I’m happy that the end of the year is here, however, I am awfully grateful that I, my family, and close friends are all still healthy and alive! Many of you out there cannot say the same and my heart goes out to you all xxx

The first strike for the year came right in the first month of the year were in my personal life took the stumble to never getting back up from it. In hindsight, it was long gone, but still, I always imagined that we would make it better by being a family together. But now we are a family apart and that took several months to get accustomed to, however here I am feeling much better than I anticipated and the fear of not being physically, emotionally, and financially capable to build a life just for me and my little man is slowly sinking into oblivion and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make and I will fake it until I break it. So roll in 2021!

Regarding the blog, well let’s just say that 2020 saw my little baby just collecting dust on the world wide web since my updates were sparse and few for the last 12 months. The feeling like you’re on top of your blogging schedule in the first quarter of 2020 quickly changed to the feeling of falling from the sky and hitting the ground covered in cactuses when the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 hit. The partial lockdown that was implemented at the beginning of the second quarter of 2020 was hard on all aspects of our lives!

To add to all of this financials went from OK to zero in these months and that took an immense toll where it felt like everything was just so bad. I felt that writing down thoughts and emotions and later voicing some of them through social media that by this time was a crucial means to stay in contact and hold on dearly to some normality and sanity and that’s why I started #divadailycheckin, which helped stabilize my sanity for that period of time. I felt that by voicing my thoughts I would be able to help out anyone out there who was not feeling that great and that together we got through the hardest times of lockdown.

During this time, I started reading and researching and I also learned new things about blogging and personal finances which I know will come in immensely handy in the coming year. I also got the chance to interact with fellow bloggers which I think was the best thing that happened to me during this time. By talking to other people helped me focus more on solutions, I was able to divert my attention to the more important things that I needed to focus on – and although I struggled, talking about possible solutions to the things I perceived as my problems was such a great thing to master.

When businesses started gradually opening again, it felt that this pandemic was slowly leaving us and that we were on the road to recovering what was lost and go back to normality or what we knew of normality. However, little did I envisage that nothing was ever to be as it used to be … queues at the local shops were longer instead we were being accustomed to new things that slowly turned into the norm! Fact is, all of this is to become an informal learning session. Is it good – is it bad? I have to admit that some new systems implemented due to this pandemic like making an appointment to see the doctor and just pop in to see him at that time without waiting your turn was one of the things that came ou of this pandemic and low key I hope it stays!

Even though it felt that it was getting better, I know that many people lost their jobs; companies were working with minimum staff. Those who still had jobs were saving their money for more essential items such as food and hygienic products. To this day even though slowly we are getting, there are families that are still hesitant to buy!

Life is How You See It

2020 helped me remember something that I already know before. Life is how you see it. Life can be easy if you choose to see the good things in it. It can be horrible if you always dwell on the negative aspect of our lives. As they always say, there are two sides to a coin. And life is just like that. The good and bad sides both exist in the same situation.

As a human, the only specie on the planet that is known to have the power to change everything with the power of our mind and our will, we have the power to steer our lives. We can either go left or right. We can speed up or slow down. We can indulge in drama or focus on building solutions. Situations happen all the time. It’s up to us whether to judge the situation as good or bad for ourselves.

Emergency Fund is Important

I’m new to personal finance management and I’m just starting to save up when the pandemic started for the obvious reason, however now I need to make it a permanent reason because I can only depend on myself and this should have always been my bible! I learnt the hard way that if I had a bigger emergency fund, then I would always be able to cover my bills for a longer period of time. Thus I’m making this one of my topmost priority for 2021.

Sure, it will not be able to cover everything, but at least it can buy us some time to recover from the unexpected financial issues.

Life is Short

Life is short to dwell on things that do not bring joy and value to your life. Yeah, I know it is sad to come to terms with this at 45 however it is not too late and I will be pursuing the things I like because I know that tomorrow is not guaranteed. If anything else doesn’t matter well for sure this will stick and it took this pandemic to remind me that again! I don’t know if I still have a tomorrow to wake up to. I have to enjoy and celebrate the present moment because it is all that I have.

Always Celebrate Life

Someone once told me that there’s always hope while you’re still alive and this has never been any truer! There’s always a chance to improve my well-being as long as I’m alive. There’s always time to recuperate from all the material losses as long as you’re alive. That’s why I’d like to live my life as a celebration. There’s a reason why I’m an able-bodied person. There’s a reason why I can read and write. There’s a reason why I can create. There’s a reason why I can adapt and learn quickly. I’d like to celebrate having all of those things in my life by trying my best to always become the better version of myself. The universe for some weird coincidence gave me a second chance and it is up to me to use the tools I have been handed to live a good life and I will not waste this chance by living a mediocre life.

Surprises in 2020

Despite the income losses, the debts that I have incurred, and some minor anxiety attacks I had the chance to really sit down with myself and make a plan. One that took a lot of tears and major meltdown but also one that uncovered a me that want to do better. Now that the year is about to end, I came to realize that I was able to grow myself without even realizing it. I had to crumble and fall only to stand up again and move forward! I have become more aware to really focus more on the solutions instead of the drama, then a lot of great things tend to happen.

Final Thoughts

I can’t wait for 2020 to be over as I’m very excited about what 2021 will bring. If there’s one thing I will carry forward with me from 2020, it’s my new uncovered fighting spirit.  Just thinking about the crazy obstacles I managed to overcome this year it still feels surreal.

I cannot thank enough all those that were there to support me with every kind word, gesture, and thank you all for not letting me give up. 

And even if you ended the year on a terrible note, just think about everything your experiences taught you – the valuable lessons you’ll carry with you to better days. 

Finally with everything that happened we made through and we are here ready to ring in the New Year so let the lessons sink in and move us into 2021 with hope and belief that it will be better.

Thank you all for being here and I wish you all nothing bit the best . Lots of hugs and kisses!

Until next time,

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