Home Goals 2K21

Hey there my loves,

Welcome back to a new year with me here on my Blog!

If you follow me on Instagram which I hope you do (www.instagram.com/mydivainside) you know that I have this year started a new account on my home updates (www.instagram.com/mydivainside_home) there in all will be sharing all the latest updates of the apartment and all the inspo I am using to achieve my home look!

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So for the first post of 2k21 I thought I would speak to you guys about this new venture of mine which came onto me so unexpectedly last year but I have to say that despite it all being so sad and everything that happened left me very very vulnerable, I might have re-think and stay that it was a blessing in disguise after all!

Where should you begin? I have been reflecting back on the previous year, and despite all that went on last year I am more than willingly taking the decision to start from a place of gratitude and clarity on what I already have. If 2020 was a sad year, however, it surely gave me a few good lessons, silver linings, and memorable different moments with my family and my planning for the new home.

My main focus this year is definitely my new home and getting settled in nicely right alongside making my utmost to be more close to my family, here’s hoping that COVID would be long gone and forgotten. Of course, I can’t know everything that will be ahead but given what I do know, I am definitely doing my utmost so that everything goes according to plans.

I cannot wait for all the construction and improvements at the apartment to be ready so I can start planning each room accordingly. I want my home to feel cozy, comforting, and happy. I think how your home feels to you is so much more significant than how it looks. In the meantime, I share with you guys some of my favourite inspirations.

Of course, all instant updates will happen on my HOME ACCOUNT and beyond this, I will continue creating specific projects board that I plan to take on. In reality, all these boards have been helping me visualize what needs to be done!

Hope you guys join me in my new venture over on Instagram so together we can enjoy this new adventure. Also if you want to check all other inspo that I have been using to create my mood boards check this out

Until next time,

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