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Tag Post #5 | A Christmas Tag

Hey there my lovely followers, So after seeing LadyDavi vlog here (go follow her as she has a cool Vlogmas going on, besides the amazing tutorials and some other videos you will definitely like :D) of course I had to do the tag, seeing how I crush over everything Christmassy. […]

Tag Post #3 | The first date Tag

I recently got tagged by the lovely Allyson from Smashing Darling (you can check her awesome channel here) and I was instantly drawn in the whole girly girly vortex.  I thought that the questions were really cute so I gave them a go. Okay… so let’s get started. […]

Tag Post #2 | My Makeup Story Tag

Hey my lovely dolls, so I got tagged by the lovely Charlene from A Cosmetic Affair (you really should have a look at her blog here) for my second ever tag and I am really starting to love these tag post. So here it is My Makeup Story Tag …. hope you enjoy it […]