Good Riddance 2020

Good Riddance 2020

Hey there my lovelies, Welcome finally back to my Blog! I missed saying this to you guys but like everything else, my little happy place here had a bit of a break with not much to write about, but alas here I am, jotting my last entry for […]

New reality Show #FOG

Hey there my loves, Welcome back to my Blog! By now you have seen all the hints and the big revelation has also been made public to you all my lovelies, so what are we thinking here at Diva Inside what are our thoughts. Like many of you […]

Styled by Me in Collaboration with Freeze Frame Fashion (Part 4) | Styled by Diva #7

Although it was the hardest piece to style as I mentioned before, I truly loved doing this video and I felt comfortable in all of the five different styles to fit everyone’s tastes and budget with items already available in your wardrobe. Fashion does not necessarily mean wearing an item the way it is meant to be, it is also your way of expressing your style so be free with your wardrobe and ideas.