Meet the contentants of Face of Gaetano #FOG

So now that the auditions have been done and dusted, and after the reveal of said contestants I had a chat with each and every one and asked them a bit of information so you can get an idea of who they are ahead of the lauch of the first episode of Face of Gaeatano that will air later on this year. So make sure that you follow all their social list hereunder in order not to miss out on any new updates 🙂

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Home Goals 2K21

My main focus this year is definitely my new home and getting settled in nicely right alongside making my utmost to be more close to my family, here’s hoping that COVID would be long gone and forgotten. Of course, I can’t know everything that will be ahead but given what I do know, I am definitely doing my utmost so that everything goes according to plans.

Good Riddance 2020

Good Riddance 2020

Hey there my lovelies, Welcome finally back to my Blog! I missed saying this to you guys but like everything else, my little happy place here had a bit of a break with not much to write about, but alas here I am, jotting my last entry for […]

New reality Show #FOG

Hey there my loves, Welcome back to my Blog! By now you have seen all the hints and the big revelation has also been made public to you all my lovelies, so what are we thinking here at Diva Inside what are our thoughts. Like many of you […]