Fact or Fiction #2 | Is Sleeping with Make-up bad for you?

cartoon beautyHey there my lovely followers,

Let’s be honest here, we have all did this one too many times  .. well I did on way too many occasions and must admit that sometimes I still do.  On the matter, I have recently noticed on various social platforms that the beauty sphere has been stirring up a storm and killing products and stories that advertise that sleeping in make-up is good for you.

This being said we all came across and been lured towards products (guilty as charged) that boast 12, 14, or even 16 hours of wear (seriously, who wears their make-up that long anyways) to the famed tinted products like BB Creams that seem to be made specifically for those looking for added coverage in their ‘night-time’ skin-care routine.

Through researching this, I cam to learn that dermatologists say that smudgy make-up indicates that the person was is too busy to wash off smudy smokeyher make up at the end of the day, is either very lazy or more likely to have had an incredible night out (doh!).  While the romanization of the “perfectly UN-done” look certainly plays a big part of this adulation, it is very clear that as much as it may look cool, and awesome definitely sleeping in your make-up is not good for you.

However as we suspected, it is true … sleeping in your make-up is one of the biggest mistakes we can make, where our skin is concerned. When doing so, pores are blocked, leaving the oil residues trapped inside, leading to bacteria build up, breakouts, and enlarged pores — which is the first reason we wear make-up in the first place, right?  But it’s not just make-up environmental factors come into play as well. Pollution from each day accumulates on the skin and when mixed with make-up, dirt, and oil, trust be ladies the combo is though … think premature ageing of skin (:O – big no no right?). Plus, since skin renews itself at night, make-up residue and dirt on your skin can interfere with the skin’s natural healing process.

Another thing to keep in mind/avoid if possible, is that while sleeping in any kind of make-up can have negative effects on the skin, the worst culprits are oil-based foundations and primers, which are less-breathable and more pore-clogging than other products. Leftover make-up residue (especially of the oil-based type) can also obstruct the absorption of skin-care products by creating a barrier that prevents beneficial ingredients from penetrating the skin’s surface.

So what to do when every now and then we slip up and fall face down on our pillow with full on make-up.  No worries as thankfully all is not lost, when this happens, remove all traces of your make-up first thing in the morning by doing a little damage control.   The following steps are highly recommended : an ex-foliating cleanser paired with a soft bristle brush, followed by a gentle cleanser to remove the any build-up of make-up, oils, and dead skin cells.  After cleansing, dab on a brightening serum, to improve the face radiance. Also, after a night in make-up, your skin will be thirsty, so don’t forget to moisturise.  Even better if you own products with moisturising and soothing ingredients, use them, since these ingredients help minimize the redness that’s is typically associated when leaving your make-up on all night.

Having said that, do not feel alarmed if this happens once is a while as just one night’s sleep in your make up is not going to totally ruin your skin. The skin is still somewhat resilient to oxidative environmental stress and make-up build-up, and has the ability to protect itself to a certain degree. However, to try to avoid repeating the instance as this will start to show signs on your skin.

sleeping with makeup (Glamourous)If you’re prone to forgetfulness and find that you fall asleep in your make-up on a regular basis, please opt for lightweight skincare product and cosmetics that are formulated so as not to cause blocked pores.

Something to keep in mind is that mineral make-up or loose powders, are slightly better for the skin because they allow the skin to naturally interact with the environment, rather than fully cover it with heavy oil-based creams or ointments. Another tip, wash your pillowcase often, so that you avoid recycling bacteria night after night.  I would also suggest to leave a pack of facial cleansing wipes on your bedside table (as a reminder).

So while we might be all thumbs up, for that sexy-smoky look, it is certainly not what our skin desires.  So let’s stick to perfecting the look otherwise.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All of the information was gathered through various online sources.  Images Credit – Google Images.

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