Happy Birthday BLOG + Giveaway #3

A birthday cupcake with two lighted candles.

Hey there my lovely followers,

It’s hard to believe but last Tuesday 13th, marked the day that this blog turned TWO.  I must say that it hasn’t always been easy but nonetheless I have had so much fun writing, sharing, dreaming, & processing in this little space!

I won’t be here if it wasn’t for you my dearest followers, thank you for taking time to ready my posts, comment and advice.  Mostly thanks for being a part of this journey.

A quick look at the past year’s post I have grown a lot from the first year and I am well pleased towards the fact that I attended a few more events this year and hopefully that will increase in the next year.  I have said it more than once that this blog has always been a dream of mine and despite the ups and downs I am still around to see the second year and hopefully many more.

So as a thank you and to mark this 2nd birthday, I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a celebratory giveaway! So go check it out here and I do hope you like it the gift.

Thanks again!

Until next time


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