Product Review #14 | BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette


Hey there my lovelies,

It seems just like yesterday that I was started watching Carli Bybel on YouTube. I stumbled on her channel by pure coincidence and fell in love with her tutorials! Anyways when Carli recently announced her collab with BH costmetics the whole world went crazy, and obviously enough the first lot sold out in just minutes.

Thankfully it was recently restocked and last month I finally got my hands on it. So for today’s post I thought of giving you my thoughts on it!

OK, first things first, if still in doubt if to get this palette or otherwise you really should since it is ONLY $12.50 (with about $7 shipping to Malta). Yes, you read right, super affordable considering palette comes with 14 pans of neutral tones and four beautiful highlighters – Awesome right!!!

Side note : Big thanks to Carli and BH Cosmetics for making sure that this palette remained affordable.  BH Cosmetics are know that their products are not expensive, but I was happy to learn that they kept the same price of when it first came out.

So, let’s get this review rolling shall we … I truly love this palette, it’s pretty much great, besides being affordable, if you are into neutral tones, this is a very good one at that! All shades are wearable any time of day and I must say very work appropriate too – tried and tested!

TOP ROW: The top row include a mauve and a purple eye shadow. Four out of the five shades are matte and a stunning pink shimmer. The matte eye shadows are out of this world pigmented and easy to work with.


MIDDLE ROW: This row is has a champagne, bronze, and chocolate shade. There are four shimmer shade and a matte shade. Each color is so brilliant and full of shine. I simply adore the pinkish-gold duo-chrome shade – amazing 🙂


BOTTOM ROW: The bottom row contains the highlighter shades, four in total.  Once thing I must say is that even though they are highlighter you can easily use these on your eyes or as blush too. The pigment and consistency is simply amazing and buttery and they blend like a dream.  I love me a heavenly highlighter and these shades make my cheekbones look incredible.


In all honestly this was my first time trying any BH cosmetics eye shadows, but I am very happy that all of the shadows are of good texture and are nicely pigmented.  With regards to the highlighters they are very intense, so I do recommend you go in with a light hand. Personally I do not mind an intense highlighted look, but I’m aware that’s not everyone’s thing. The darker shade has a metallic finish, which I don’t see working as a highlighter on myself, however as I said earlier I really like it as a blush or bronzer.



Overall, I highly recommend this palette to add it to your collection. It’s a major bargain and the formula is perfect. You get a great mix of shimmers and mattes, as well as highlighters you can use on both your eyes and your face. A good deal right there 🙂


If in doubt here’s Ms. Bybel tutorial using her own palette for some inspiration 🙂

Until next time,


Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the companies.

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