Post-Malta Fashion Week #1 | An insight into Vanity Rebels by Parascandalo

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I am still having Malta Fashion Week withdrawals symptoms and so I in an effort to keep my withdrawal symptoms at bay I thought why not catch up with some designers I might have not gotten the chance to meet before Fashion Week:)

So up first in these post-Malta Fashion Week posts I meet up with Marco Parascandolo who’s latest collection Vanity Rebels shown at Fashion Week Malta lived up to the Marco’s reputation for street style ready-to-wear clothing line.

So I headed off to his studio in Paola and I was in a fashion haven.  All his collections all nicely hanging for ones joy.  The whole experience was like going to a shop and getting to see all the collection first hand.  Loved every minute of the time spent with Marco.  So while chatting over his latest collection I got asking away.

Your new collection remained true to your style. However, is it safe to say I saw a collection leaning more towards women clothing – is this a new direction for the Parascandalo brand?
Yes this year I had more woman’s wear them previous years. It seems like on the local market there is a higher request from females for local fashion design.  This year I had fun experimenting with women’s wear.

If this is the case, who is the woman you have in mind?
I don’t think I have a specific women in mind, I like to think that I appeal to a lot of people.   People might think that I design for the younger generation, which I do, but I can see a couple of pieces from my new collection that can be worn by any mature female that like style and trend. For example the green lace dress and the blue frill dress, both very versatile.

Where do you find continued inspiration – do you have many muses?
In the case of Vanity Rebels inspiration came from the daily routine of individuals, females and males and their reaction and action towards ‘vanity’.  Social media plays an important part, as I find it quite interesting how people use it to showcase their ability to transform themselves with make up, clothing, tattoos and jewelry and post a picture presenting themselves for others to like, react at or to get comments. So if I had to pick a muse it would be very hard.

Any wish to open your own shop?
To open a shop is in the pipeline but it’s not that close yet!  I feel like I need to grow more and eventually when the right time comes I will be ready.  Although I would like to mention I do have a stock of some of my collections in two different outlets which are The Mad Tatter in Zabbar and Lee’s Hair Stylist in Sliema.

I saw that you added some new accessories to this collection – any plans to further develop this line of the business?
Yes in this collection I had some new accessories such as bags, chokers, bandannas and belts which will all be up on the website very soon.  I think accessories are important to add a personal touch to a look.

What’s the biggest challenge for you as a designer?
My biggest challenge as a designer is that moment I decided on what lines my collection will be and then do the run of everything myself such as marketing, sewing, styling and back end for my website. To do all of this is a constant challenge; sometimes you have deadlines and it’s hard to do everything at once.

What keeps you awake at night?
Usually if I have something that consists in doing and that involves a lot of work and a certain amount of time, then yes this is something that might keep me up at night.

Besides designing clothes is there something else you enjoy doing and how do you relax when you are not working?
In my free time I like to do research for coming collections, I find inspiration everywhere, I love art, so I love attending exhibitions and I enjoy relaxing by walking by the sea . I find it quite soothing and clears my head for up-and-coming projects. Oh and a drink here and there wouldn’t hurt either 🙂 (AMEN!!!)

Describe an average day in your life?
I usually wake up at around 8 a.m., have some coffee and breakfast while in the meantime I’ll be checking on my social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., then depending on what I have planned the day I either spend it at my studio working on some pieces and order and dealing with customer requests. In my free time I enjoy walking by the beach and meeting up with my friends.

You guys have no idea how much, I enjoyed this interview.  I mean being around Marco and his collections was such an uplifting experience. It made me appreciate more the time and effort each local designer puts into creating their collection for our viewing pleasures.

What we do not realise or even more appreciate, is the fact that each designer goes through a lot a pressure, stress and a lot financial expenses, ones that we have no idea about – I myself, did not have an idea of these expenses!!!!  Marco told me that this year the Arts Council Malta came through for many of the designers to help them out cover some of the expenses that they incure.

I cannot stress enough how much we need to appreciate our local product and realise that we have international level talent here in Malta and when we refer to local designer and preach that we need to support the – we do just that because they need us to make that effort, they need us to truly appreciate and actually buy local because if not we will be missing out on something amazing and truly unique.

I wish that we stop comparing local product which is handmade, tailor-made and not mass produced to international brands as there is no comparison at all.  I ask if a statement tee or a logo tee from a local designer costs between Eur30 and Eur50 whilst on the other hand a branded foreign tee costs the same and most of the time even more – what is so alluring about that tee which was made in a factory when on the other hand a tee made from a local designer would have been done by the designers own hand! I rest my case and I will be #supportinglocal.

Thank you Marco for your time and for a very interesting and open minded insight into something utterly beautiful.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to TGM Photography Media and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2017 TGM Photography


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