Guest Blogger #6 | Cleaner Skin Care by Yvonne of Red Shoes & Pearls

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So glad it’s another Guest Blogger post 🙂 I really have been enjoying these posts and all the new content they are bringing to my Blog.  Today’s guest blogger is the lovely Yvonne of Red Shoes & Pearls and she decided to share with us her thoughts and detailed review on Cleaner Skin care products.  I must admit that I found this post really interesting and a mind-opener.

So I do hope you will enjoy this post and do make sure you go show her some love and follow her journey on Facebook, Instagram and her official Blog to stay updated and to see what see she is up to 🙂

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Hey there 🙂 🙂

Today I am on Caroline’s Blog and happy to collaborate with such a sweet lady 😀 😀

We are bombarded with staying healthy and eating healthy and whether we like it or not consciously or unconsciously it does affect us. The idea of clean eating is all over the place and if it not taken to extremes (interfering with our social life; with our self-esteem and general daily living), clean eating in moderation is important for a healthy happy life. Now I am not advocating diets etc. I for one, do not believe in regimented diets, I would not be able to survive them…. 😀 I think I’d go crazy.

Anyhow, like always I am blabbing. My point is that we generally think about what we put in our body. However, have we ever stopped to think about what we are putting on our skin. My years of study within the health sector have taught me that whatever we put on our skin, is to some extent absorbed into our system. In fact, if you look at the medicine world; some topical medications cannot be used if one is taking certain medication or has a certain medical condition.  Do we ever stop to think what we put on our skin?? Especially when, our aim is generally to look good.  Would you be happy to eat toxins?? No…. so why do we put them on our skin??

Now let me point out one thing… I am no saint and I still have a lot to learn and most probably even when I learn everything, I doubt my skincare would ever be 100% clean. Like with my diet; I aim to strike a balance.

My quest for clean skin care started when at the age of 24 I had acne. At first I started using harsher skin care products; which ended up making things worse for me (for others they might work). I then decide to start avoid harsh chemicals for my skin care … and here we are today 😀

The beauty industry is catching up to this new concept of clean skin care… nothing makes me happier 😀 😀  Now let me make one thing clear…. The price tag of the skin care product does not make a product good or bad…. It is more a case of what it is made off.  Yes, certain cheap skin care and make-up have cheap, toxic ingredients; but it does not mean that the 50-euro body lotion does not have them as well.

So here is a list of ingredients I keep a look out for:

Mineral Oil The by-product of distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline and other petroleum based products – generally listed as mineral oil/s; paraffin
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate / Sodium Laureth sulfate This is the chemical used to create the foamy consistency in shampoo, body wash, face wash and soap.
Parabens Preservatives used in skin care. Examples include: methyl-paraben; propyl-paraben; butyl-paraben; ethyl-paraben
Aluminum A toxic heavy metal; mostly used in antiperspirants. I avoid anything that is labeled “antiperspirants.
Fluoride Generally, found in toothpaste and fluoride water – too much of this chemical can be toxic
Diethanolamine Generally, found in shampoos and cosmetics – also listed as DEA

Here is a list of breads/products which I am currently using:


  • Organic – I have been using Dr. Organic face wash for years – namely the tea tree and dead sea options; the Vitamin E oil and their shower gels.
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik – using the Mud mask, BB cream and the Salt Brushing scrub (this one – the oils – smell ammmmmmazing )
  • NATURE’S – currently using their anti- aging moisturiser (cream aviso antirughe)
  • Origins – Currently using the following: GinZing Moisutriser; GinZing eye cream; GinZing face mist; GinZing peel off mask (I know that is a lot of GinZing 😛 ); 10 minute drink up mask. (this brad is not availbale in Malta but if you are in the UK and other European countries you will surely come across it.) (there is a post about these products on the blog)
  • Jurlique – if found this brand on and I am using the firming and tightening serum
  • Thayers – the witch hazel, aloe vera, alcohol-free toner
  • Botanifique – using the Herbeautiful Facial Mask (a post about this mask is on the blog)
  • Zero skin – Caviar black peel-off mask – also found on
  • Splat toothpaste – using the blackwood whitening toothpaste
  • Alterna hair care– switching between various shampoos and other hair products
  • Cold pressed oils – such as rose hip oil; coconut oil; castor oil; almond oil; argan oil and olive oil.

Now obviously, the list above is what has worked for me so far (I am not a dermatologist and what works for me might not necessary work for you). Also, the products above are not all free from the chemicals I previously mentioned; but the way I see it the less I use of them the better.

Do you have any similar skin can products which you like?? Let us know down below 😀 😀

Lots of love

Yv xx

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