Ebay Bargain Hunt #7 | My finds €2 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Yay it’s time for one of my favourite post my eBay finds.  Some great few items which were a good deal … so if you interested then keep on reading through 🙂


Women Ladies Fishnet Net Tights (Eur1.94)
Well these tights are a hot item to have.  I had gotten a couple locally but me and any tights do not have a good relationship and they end up tore, so you can imagine with fishnets it was worse, so when i came across these, I ordered them to check whether these are better then the one from here which were Eur6 each and if these turn out as the once I had I will surely stock up on these.  I must say I pretty much liked them and the quality so I got a couple more on the way.


Mobile Holder for Car Windshield (Eur1.91)
Well you  might have caught my first ever vlog on my brand new spanking Youtube Vlog Channel (and I would love it if you could subscribe xoxo) so I got this little gadget so that when needed I can vlog in the car without having to hold the phone all the time.  It looks quite sturdy as I have been testing it out while driving.  However ideally vlogging will be done on smooth roads as when I get to bumpy one I do not think any good footage will come out of it.



Universal Magnetic Holder Car Mount 360°/ Finger Ring Bracket For Cell Phone (Eur1.08)
Well this was a real waste of Eur1.08 hehe! Firstly it’s a cool gadget if you are one that really takes care of one’s phone and I really love the Rose Gold colour.  Secondly I did no think this one threw as to use the finger bracket/holder your phone has to be without a case which it’s definitely not something which will be happening any time soon.  Thirdly I seriously thought it was the Popsocket one, so yea this one did not turn out well.


10Pcs Gold Boho Midi Knuckle Rings Set (Euro 1.08)
I just love rings all types and shapes of them but my soft spot has to go to midi rings and luckily for me eBay has a nice and vast choice.  I mean when I came across this 10pcs set I surely could not resist in getting them.  Of course try to avoid washing your hands with the rings as obviously eventually your hands will turn green!.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,





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