Ebay Bargain Hunt #11 | My finds €21 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Another long awaited eBay hunt post, I always get so so excited when I am browsing and look on eBay and add the good deals to my cart is the best thing ever however that quickly goes away when you see the estimate time of arrival  (LOL).  However, it’s all fun and games when the packages start coming in.

Anyway, I finally received a couple of finds and as per usual I pocket a few good deals so if you want to check out what I got this time around.  Were they hits of misses – then keep on reading 🙂

Oversized Round Retro Sunglasses (€2.63 – free postage)

Well I really should remind myself that buying oversized sunglasses off the internet especially off eBay is never a good idea mostly because of my small features.  But this reminded me so much of something by Miu Miu and I just could not resist.  To be fair I like it but when I wear it I get a lot of funny looks LOL 🙂

Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses (€1.14 – free postage)
Well these were more up my alley, I fell in love with them when I saw them and I loved that they were also mirrored.  I was also hoping that they would be of good quality especially the mirrored part.  I was well pleased with them when I received them – take a look for yourself 🙂
Gold Plated Initial Letter Pendant (€1.14 – free postage)
This is a great dupe find, OMG I even ran a poll on my stories and no one guessed it hehe.  I mean this little necklace is the dupe for the Celine Alphabet Pendant.  I am very much impressed with the quality of the necklace and I do have another one on it’s way as we speak and we all know that eBay jewellery are all colour coated so by wear and tear default it will probably soon change colour or maybe not – I’ll keep you posted.
Faux Fur Leopard Jacket Long Sleeve (€20.96 – free postage)
Ok this was a spur of the moment kind of  purchase, I have been wanting a faux fur in leopard print for like forever and a day,  but never really saw one that I liked however this I fell in love with it and I thought of giving it a go.  Everything about it looked awesome and I could not wait to get it.  It really did not disappoint, love the style even though I was hoping for a longer length since on the model picture it looks much longer.   The faux fur is amazingly soft which is awesome.  Also it feels like it will be a good jacket to wear in winter – felt really warm while taking these photos.  The one thing that is off is that one of the side pockets is a bit crooked however, nothing I cannot work with.
So cheers to another eBay 🙂  I hope you liked the items I picked up this time around:) Let me know of any links that do not work so I find you another and yes why not, if you do get something amazing and worth every penny off eBay let me know … would love to check out what you guys find 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,


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