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Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I was tagged by the sweet Claire of Claire’s POV (who I highly recommend to check out) and I thought why not go for this as I haven’t done a tag post in a hot minute.

I have to admit that this tag, is not as easy as one might think, it has taken me far more than I thought to come up with the things I wrote on and parting ways with them so this might not be as much of an entertaining post but here goes nothing!

Oh yes and do check out the ladies who I tagged., check out their blogs and Youtube channel as they all make that extra effort to post great content so go show them so love.



So here are the rules:

  1. Come up with what you have decided to say “thank u next” to and explain why.
  2. Tag 5 people to participate in this challenge
  3. Make sure you include ‘thank u next challenge’ in the post tags and title your post #ThankUNextChallenge and the following image as your featured image:


1. Clothes
This is definitely I weakest link, I love clothes much I keep buying new clothes and never actually give away the ones that I had from twenties – well that was quickly pushed aside when the under bed storage was filled to the brim and I had no other choice so I recently parted ways with four huge recycling bags of clothes that went to charity.

Lots of clothes

2. Bags
This was far an ‘easier’ task as the bag space is by far smaller so I had to choice but to part ways with the bags I was not wearing and there were some that haven’t been worn in a decade!


3. Jewellery
Although jewellery takes the least amount of space, it’s unbelievable how many earrings I had lost one of them and kept holding on to them ‘just in case the other one turn out’ but it was time to throw them all out. And do not get me started on all the necklaces I haven’t worn in years!

Declutter jewellery

4. Paperwork
I think this was three decades overdue good lawd when was the last I did this.  Well safe to say that I glad I am not a paper collector any longer and pretty sure the environment loves me a tad more!


5. Shopping paper bags
Anyone else collects these, I used to be obsessed well when I lived with my parents, not anymore.  Well I do have a few but when they start piling up it in the recycling bin they  go.

Lots of shopping bags

For this challenge I tag:

Well that was fun and interesting thank you for the tag, Claire and look forward in seeing what my tagged ladies will come up with.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All photos used in this post are from iStock by Getty Images (Royalty Free Photos)

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